NYCC - King in Black Panel @10:45AM CDT

MARVEL | Venom - King in Black

This December…Darkness Reigns! Marvel Editor Devin Lewis, Writer Donny Cates and Artist Ryan Stegman will bring you everything you need to know leading into Eddie Brock’s climactic standoff with one of Marvel’s most terrifying villains in the next shocking chapter in their Venom saga, KING IN BLACK! It’s all been leading to this, True Believers!

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Perfect, this is when Cates will announce the release date for Codex’ ongoing solo series, The Incomparable Codex. Okay I’ll stop bringing him up before I get banned, sorry all

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What is this in normal people time aka EST.

It already happened. CDT is central time so this was a little over an hour ago.

I was half watching it while working. Made me excited for the King in Black event but no huge spoilers beyond the usual hyping up of things and how it will forever change Marvel. Supposedly a big event happens in issue 1 that shows how big of a threat Knull can be.


did you sign up for the retailer round table for NYCC metaverse from reed pop? Cates will probaby spoil stuff there.

Anything of note?

Didn’t even know that was a thing. I get so many emails every day unless it’s something in my face there’s a good chance it gets glossed over haha.