OAC Wonder Woman variant goes nuclear

Based on recent events, DC sent a C&D notice to NY Collector Cave for their OAC #1 Wonder Woman variant. It is now going past $200 on eBay.

The USA needs a whole lot more people like AOC.

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Hey danny. I saw this earlier. Scouts meeting took me out of the loop. Thanks for posting.

I’m all for getting rid of the rich old ugly white men (who are out of touch with reality) in Congress and Senate as well… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a supporter of term limits, it would solve a lot of issues we have here in our American politics. If they won’t vote for term limits, we the people can do it for them. Just don’t ever vote for the incumbent in office, even if it goes against whatever side you usually vote for. :wink:

I believe that no public servant in power should earn more than average household income of their constituents. The American political system, in its current state, is deeply flawed and those flaws have been extremely exploited by the politicians who are made rich from big industry and lobbying. Lobbying needs to be outlawed. Sociopathic corporations have the final say on what is legal and illegal in the current climate. That is Not good for the social well being of the general public. This will be my last post about politics on this forum. Promise.

Not all lobbying. The non-profits lobby for good causes. The corporations that are allowed to lobby for their own gain is what should be outlawed.

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The variants that depict her in Wonder Woman costumes are all doing well. Many are available on Devil’s’s due still. Ordered the Con variant for $5 each and they are selling for $50

I wanted to buy a copy of one of the covers like 2 months ago because it seems like anything political mixed in with comics lately has an audience (and buyers)… especially with politics these days and ESPECIALLY someone that’s as controversial as AOC. But I decided against it at the time and forgot about it until last Wednesday when I saw it at my LCS. But today i go looking in Ebay and BAM!.. there goes a few covers going for over 50 bucks and some over $100 and still bidding! I didn’t believe it unti i found out why. Now I’m not talking about the cover “TheOneAbobeDonny” showed up top in the first post (I’ve never seen that until today) but I mean the comics from Devils Due,.the yellow and red covers with her looking like WW.

So without putting too much thought into it I found 2 copies of each for about $15 and made the purchase! Hopefully it’s no fluke and what im seeing on Ebay is legit. People really love this girl and she has a future in politics,.and people that don’t really know about comics but really love her will want these and you know they got money… so hopefully :crossed_fingers: when I get mine I’ll list one for auction and make a buck or 2!.. or im wrong and have 1 extra I’ll give someone as a present. Eitherway it’s a win.
What do you guys & gals think? Look on Ebay and check out the prices. But only look for the Wonder Woman cover though. The others (dressed normally) are going for around 10 bucks tops I think.
Peace :call_me_hand:

One of that cover with the word ballon in the donkey sold yesterday for $150. The book is nuts.

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Hopefully the winning bidder wasnt playing around and ends up actually paying. I’ve heard from sellers when it comes to situations like this (hard to believe prices) people run up the bid for whatever reason and then dont ever pay the winning price… but ive seen multiple listings sold/won at high prices so it must be legit. Hopefully when I get my copies itll still be hot. (I need to pay these bills lol)

He paid.

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this is crazy! If i were creator/artist i would probably steer clear of politics, but no denying there is a hot market for them

I don’t like politics or politicians.

And they don’t like you… Well, maybe briefly if you claim they have your vote, but it’s short lived. :wink:

This is so true it hurts.

I’m with you left and right they all can suck a fat one. Abolish the Federal Government abolish political parties keep the military put all power in the states hands and the peoples. No Political parties=none to very little division. Save my money in Federal taxes and Social Security that won’t even be there when it’s time to collect. Jesus told me because of interest and taxes there’s never enough money in circulation to pay off all debts ensuring the enslavement of the human race. FIGHT THE POWER!:fist:

Political parties are 100%, and this is true, private companies. They are not affiliated with the federal or state government. Think if coke and Pepsi had as much influence and control over the government as the Democrat and replublican party (shoot we would still have red states and blues states.) party affiliation destroys any chance for anything to get done in the government.

All is good in the world, I caved and spent $100 on the 8" Mecca Godzilla SDCC from Kidrobot that’s limited to 500 and they had a limited pre-sale Wed-Fri. :slight_smile: