Obi-Wan Wednesdays

Like Mando Mondays and Bring Home the Bounty before it, the new Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ Series will come complete with a full merchandising, marketing, and licensing push called “Obi-Wan Wednesdays!”

June 1, 2022:

These Lightsaber Forge toys are actually pretty cool. I play “swordfight” with my daughter in our backyard regularly with these and they are inexpensive enough that I don’t mind her bashing the living daylights out of them against my lightsaber, the ground, a bush, the fence, whatever. In fact, she broke the blade of her Luke Skywalker lightsaber, and we just kept playing y mixing and matching pieces from other sets. Super fun!

I really like the cardback image on this. But, I have Chewie prototype on his way and I said one and done with these prototype retros.

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I didn’t realize the show switched to Wednesday. Was expecting the next episode to drop Friday.

Oh, and what’s the difference between this Vader Black Series and any of the prior ones that were basic Vader figures?

Red lenses on the helmet, horizontal “Rogue One” glove lines.

No word on if it has a double-elbow joint which is what everybody really wants.

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I’ll have to go back and watch, but I don’t recall his outfit being blue.

Maybe my tv color is off…looked gray when I watched it…


Every 3.75 figure seems to come out first as a retro these days.

I like Ned-B, though!

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It’s a decent workaround for Hasbro to actually be able to get product on the shelf in a timely manner.

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Those jerks, why did they have to make this guy “1-JAC” and not let him be 4-LOM!?

Not good timing on revealing the Tala figure…

So this Vader figure the same as other vintage…just has a few accessories the others didn’t?

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