Oddball Spec: High Ratio Variants The Stone Age Avengers

Back in 2017 Marvel rebooted to the old numbering system for a brief period which got confusing because some books had two numbers. The start of this was Marvel Legacy #1 which was the first of the Marvel Lenticulars. In this issue we get the first appearance of 1,000,000 BC Avengers otherwise known as the Stone Age Avengers. The team consists of Agamotto, Black Panther,
Ghost Rider, Iron Fist,
Lady Phoenix, Odin, Starbrand
Now this isn’t Odin’s or Agamatto’s 1st appearance but it’s everyone else’s 1st. These characters have a great importance to the Marvel Universe as they are the first carriers of the mantles of Phoenix, Ghostrider, Black Panther, and Iron fist. Starbrand looks like the Hulk but gets his powers differently. Now you may believe that Apocalypse is the first mutant, you may think Namor is the first mutant because there’s a cover that says that, but no Lady Phoenix is now considered the 1st Mutant adding to the keyness of this book. The downside of this book Marvel Legacy #1 is there is 280,000 copies, also the Stone Age Avengers have only made 8 appearances so far. I do honestly believe they will get their own series one day and also it would make a great movie without messing with anything current in the MCU. Now you think the high ratio incentive variants would be big bucks, because how often do you get so many first appearances let alone one first appearance in a high ratio book? The answer is just about never thus far. These books were getting ratio for 1:1000 and 2 1:500 variants upon release the 1:1000 even has a 9.8 $1400 book value. But you can get them cheap right now. $60 for a 1:1000 first appearance count me in.

I say grab one if you can and stash it away for a rainy day. 1:1000 variant print run 280 copies the two 1:500 variants print run 560 copies each.

We’re they all,first full appearances of each of the Stone Age avengers? I thought ghost rider was a cameo and Avengers #7 the first full (and cover) appearance Of GR 1M BC…not sure about the rest…

Actually, marvel wiki calls it a first appearance as a “flashback.” I have Avengers 7, but I’ll have to flip through a legacy #1 to see what’s what.

In Marvel Legacy #1 he is in 4 panels and speaks in 2 of them think that constitutes enough for a first full. The other characters appear in 5 or more panels.

That legacy renumbering stunt was a headache. Books went from being issue #7 to suddenly being #156 and comic stores had to explain to everyone the whole fiasco. Meh. That is cool those ratio variants are cheap tho!

I think they may have first appeared on the connecting NYCC Marvel Exclusive covers.

Same date on the slab.

The main problem with these books is, Diamond blew out all the extras they had on clearance months after the release … so, there is no real way to know how many are out there … one thing you can be sure of, more copies exist than what the ratio math might indicate …