Odds and Ends

Only a date with Scarlett Johanson or Megan Fox would get me to camp overnight anywhere. Best of luck

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Well…that was one long ass miserable day/night/morning & I’m not sure I would do it again (nah…who am I kidding…yes I would). Felt like I was back in the Marines at times sans being shot at.
But…I think you may likely agree that the juice was indeed, worth the squeeze! Good lordy I am over the moon with these. I saw a glimpse of that Weird Science Fantasy & went all in. It’s not perfect…but it’s darned nice. Each of these are special books whether it’s art, story, cover, history, etc.
I won’t tell some tall tale of them being dirt cheap, they weren’t…but they were certainly priced far below what they should have been imo.
These are also original owner books…I have zero fears of resto.


Wow. Those are incredible.

We’re there other comics, or was there stiff competition for these books?

My kind of books.

@D-Rog I’d say there were about 200 comics or so. A very wide range of conditions but essentially all golden age from about 1952-1955.
Majority was EC but some other Disney stuff. Of that, the majority was horror/scifi. Quite a bit of post code EC like Valor, MD, Aces High also.
Of note was a beautiful condition run of Mad Magazine. Not my thing but still.
Condition really was all over. They had some cool issues of the pre code “the thing” run but they were rough.
Prices were all over and odd. No rhyme or reason.
The key (imo) was snagging the books that were far nicer than they realized or set a price for. My gut tells me that whoever priced comics didn’t know all that much.
To my benefit, the biggest error is on that Weird Science Fantasy. It’s darn nice. I don’t mind saying…paid $800. I can’t see it grading less than a 5.0…likely higher.

As there weren’t a ton of comics, and they had them essentially in two boxes, I didn’t have a rough time. There were folks there chomping at the bit and trying to shove in, but I’m no daisy lol. The ole linebacker, block em out moves!
Being first in line paid off. I had quite a few others that I grabbed and put in a stack, but, I’m not a rich man and in the end had to be selective. There was another Tales as well as a Vault of Horror & Shock Suspense but they were a bit rough. I passed on a couple of books maybe I shouldn’t have but…oh well.
They were taking phone bids (I think that’s dumb) & I bet 10 calls in a row were for that Weird Science Fantasy. Have to say it was a guilty pleasure getting to keep telling the lady doing the phone “I bought it”.

The auction itself was fun. I met some very nice people. This auction had tons of different things so it certainly wasn’t just comic folk. They seemed genuinely happy that I got things I wanted as they knew I had been there forever.

One fellow behind me actually thanked me for not being greedy. Hard to be greedy with limited funds but whatever. :blush: I really did try to be nice. If I knew someone wanted a particular book and I saw it…I ya ked it for them. The fellow after the Mad Magazines was super elated I had no interest. They were beautiful copies. He left very, very happy. I believe he bought 1-20.

Anyway… interesting experience. Felt like an adventure. I’m not getting any younger and I feel like it makes for a good story and memory.


It’s not very often these days you have an experience acquiring comics that lasts a lifetime.

I still think back to a flea market in 1990….boxes and boxes and boxes of Bronze Age books. A few gold and silver mixed in. All 20 cents each.

Left with a Ghost Rider #1, Kamandi #1, Journey Into Mystery Annnual #1…a friend i went with scores almost and entire run of Marvel Star Wars…Marvel Preview #2.

Alas I sold most of them long ago for practically nothing…only really regret letting GR1 go. This was before eBay. :cry:. But the memory remains to this day.


Sounds like quite the experience! Gorgeous stuff you got!

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Come on @D-Rog , you need to throw your meme up… “Diamond will be dead in a year, son!” :slight_smile:


Meh. How much money do image trades bring to Diamond?

Probably a lot more than comics. Trades outsell floppies across the board.

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And how do you know this? Are you talking volume or profits?

comicchron shows sales numbers, they’re all estimates but trades outsell floppies every single year.

Not surprising in the least. Especially when considering folks picking up the collections of popular show adaptations or such.

There are more readers out there than collectors who chase floppy copies. That’s why you’ll see trades sales higher. I know a lot of folks who are into “graphic novels” but don’t bother with the single floppies.

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I think its manga driving comic sales now.


youre really trying to push that character, arent ya ?

In case anyone “hasn’t” ordered from E. Gerber in some time (mylites & full backs), they are back to a zero delay.
My stuff shipped the day I ordered.
Never really raised prices either.
Heck, I only pay a bit more than what my local shops charge for regular bags/boards when I buy in bulk.
Product is just the best.


Phone order only correct?

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