Odds and Ends

Lifeproof Vinyl. It looks grey in the photo but is more black in real life.

You’re just here to ruin my day, aren’t you?

Fortunately we only use it in the basement which is not heated or exposed to natural light, nor is it a frequently trafficked area.

We have it down because my wife wanted flooring and wanted this flooring for its water resistance and anti-microbial qualities.

I can’t tell you how many times in the last year I’ve had to battle water for one reason or another too. Once the dish washer had a leak and water came through the ceiling. The other day the sump under the utility sink decided to die while running the laundry (we have it drain into the sink so the dump pushes it out…)…then in heavy rain storms an area leaks and if we do t catch it can find its way into the finished area…I keep my books as far away from water sources as possible…


We have a drain in the back stairwell that likes to back up. When it’s outing down raining the water pulls leaves down and covers the drain. The drain is a pain in the ass but without it the stairwell would flood all the time. Double edge sword.

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My random .02 for anyone with a basement and sump pump. Go invest in a battery back up sump pump. Not all that costly &:the peace of mind is worth it.

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I have one. Definitely worth it. Saved my basement a few times when the power goes out.


I have one as well. Very worth it.

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My brother travels a lot for hockey. He is a scout and manager. He is currently in Estonia crossed over from Finland. Check out the name of this museum over there

It s pronounced how it looks. i


The Storm Clan…??? w…t…f…??

I can not find any reference for the comic itself besides the press release. lol.

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Thats hilarious!!!


Look in the Black Circle

I wonder which cvr will be better if James as IM is in the guts? This one or the main cvr?

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Hellverine is back…

Cool. Might be time to sell his first soon.

Might need to grab a second printing so I at least have the completed story.

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I want to be cynical about this, but it is a fun design and Benjamin Percy is a skilled writer.


Just read the new Thundercats comic. It was good, didn’t stray from the story.

Did you know there was 124 different covers for it?


124? Seriously? Goodness.

I wonder if that’s a record for Dynamite. At least one of the better ones was the A cover.

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