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I came across this the other day. It’s an App on IOS and Android. It’s a selling site/app called Offpanel. Very easy to use mechanics, upload picture. Put in description. Enter price and shipping cost. So far so good. They don’t charge fees which is interesting and sales are handled through messages on the system. I guess it facilitates private sales. Again. No listing or selling fees. I like that a lot.

Check it out at


So, sort of like craigslist, you’re on your own when things go wrong. Hmmm… that would be the only downside to using it.

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People are always saying they are looking for alternative methods of selling comics than ebay. Well here is one.


Only 5+ downloads so far on the G Play store…

I’ll hold off until reviews & users increase.

Oh for sure.

I’m only stating what I think would deter me from using it. Now if they added in some type of protection or coverage, ensuring they’re vetting the sellers and buyers, then it would get a complete pass for me.

I am not sure how to check on the App Store but it just recently launched.

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Sounds interesting. How do they make money with no fees tho? Whenever a company gives me something free I get suspicious. Otherwise, I am intrigued!

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Not available in my country (Canada) :sob:

Probably advertising.

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