Ok So Key Collector put out a Alert regarding AMS 7

So Mysterio says he is from Earth 833 …it was 1st Mentioned in AMS vol 4 #7 as with many alerts the book has gone up…it also sites that UK Spidey is in the issue and had a toy that was at toy fair as a Coming home figure …i think its interesting spec…however the 1st UK Spidey was not in this book… he 1st App was in Edge of Spiderverse 2 …but with all the cameo vs 1st full non sense that goes on in comics both issues are good pick ups if you want to spec on UK Spidey

Also if you want to chase AMS 7 dont forget there was a Deadpool Homage cover that is a 1:25

If anyone is going to spec on this book early I would say go with the 1:25. Still copies out there cheap (under $15)…and with a Deadpool cover to boot.

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That’s why I couldn’t find it. it’s not in the 2nd Amazing Spider-man series from 1999, It’s not in the 3rd from 2001, it’s in the 4th from 2014.

Just got a 1:25 for $12.95 plus shipping. What the hell.

yep i will correct my bad

Did you get the Deaddpool variant?

I know I am a broken record here, but this is another market manipulation alert by this crooked app, imo. Billy Braddock, aka Spider-UK, made his first appearance in Edge of Spider-verse #2. That is an expensive book already, now this app goes and ‘alerts’ everyone to this other book to pump it. SMH. I do understand that it is a cameo in EOSV2, but that is still Spider-UKs 1st. I do think there is possible spec in the 1st full, but it is odd how this same app will push ‘alerts’ for obscure cameos (a la Jane Foster cosplayer) as a 1st, but then uses the same ‘alert’ on Spider-UK while conveniently ignoring his 1st cameo. The ‘alert’ is clearly trying to manipulate its customers, imo.

Edge 2 is definitely the 1st no doubt about it

I’m pretty much on your side as well. The issue is not the app, it’s the people running the app pushing information before they’ve vetted such information. The app could be a great asset if used properly.

There was a video posted here on CHU a few months ago featuring Comic Tom, the guys who made ‘Rags’ and Nick from Crap Collector App… In the video Nick is asking the Rags guys about some stuff that was going on with their patreon exclusive covers. At one point the Rags guys mention a plan they had, but was never acted upon, regarding their patreon exclusives. Nick then replies to that plan and states that that is ‘something I can get behind’. That response was a big red flag for me. Why would the price guide app be interesting in ‘getting behind’ an indie book? What other books have they ‘gotten behind’? And what does ‘getting behind’ a book mean, in the context of an app who is ‘alerting’ people to books it thinks they should ‘invest’ in. The concept of the app was brilliant but the execution is blatantly self invested and manipulative, imo. The app wants to be known as one thing, while it is the complete opposite in operation. Smoke and mirrors. A true Wizard of Oz.

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I agree in the aspect that an app like this should remain neutral when it comes to actually flipping books. If they’re using their app to push false info for their own gain, then it’s no app or organization I can support.

Now… One could also say they can “get behind” a book if it’s just them speaking as a collector or even reader. So I’ll take that line he said with a grain of salt not knowing his actual intentions with such wording.

For now though, I don’t support them due to the fact they’ve passed a lot of false information. I also don’t like the fact he breaks the EPN (eBay Affiliate Network) rules by asking people if they’re going to buy comics (or anything for that matter) off eBay, to click on his links so he makes commission within his email campaigns he sends out.

The rules state for most affiliate partners (and any online ads you place on your website) is you cannot ask or tell people to click on the links so you make money. You place them there for general interest of the product you’re linking to.

That sounds about right, Poyo. Shady is as shady does.

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Good tip Mel!

i do wish they would quit throwing out the ‘cameo’ stuff though, kind of ruining the fun of 1st appearances.


I’m not sure I agree-- we all know the basis of comparison is always going to be Incredible Hulk 180 vs. 181. The very final panel in EoSV 2 features one panel of Spidey UK uttering one line of dialogue with no naming of the character. He is centrally featured in ASM 7 (and in the corner on the regular cover.) Is it the fact that he speaks the determining factor in calling EoSV 2 the first appearance? The fact that these decisions are arbitrarily made without any true determining checklist of what truly characterizes a first will always leave it in the hands of the marketplace (or sometime CGC) to categorically call a cameo vs. 1st. And if it came down to it, I would say even though it was a 1:15 vs. 1:25 for the Deadpool that the Choo variant would be the one to have.

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Nick is shady as ■■■■■ He was trashing Rags back in October or November and now he’s buddy buddy with the Rags guy ??? Give me a break

Not to beat on the Rags guys to hard (cus damn that was some shady shit), but they ave not released a new book now for a long while. Anyone know the story there by chance, before I ask Midtown to cancel my pre-orders that keep getting pushed back?