Ok, which one of you bought this?

I’m sure I have 4 or 5 of those in a long box somewhere…


Just in case you have some extra funds in your PayPal:

Action Comics #1 CBCS 9.6 (Restored) OffWhite/White
$3.5 million BUT free 4 day shipping :grinning:

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and ebay gets 10%? sheeeeeeeesh! I’ll just be ebay in that transaction, i’m not greedy!

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It’s not worth that professional restored books are worth 30%-70% tops of a unrestored copy in the same grade.

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That is a whole heap of restoration to get it to a 9.6!

Extensive amount of color touch & pieces added to cover & interior, cover & interior reinforced, spine splits sealed, tear seals to cover & interior, cover cleaned, staples replaced, interior cleaned…

Must be some high quality work : )

I just want to point out that I just affiliated that link for the 3.5 million dollar action comics. If anyone wants to buy, use that link. The commissions alone likely would allow CHU to operate well beyond the year 2100 without any ads, all ads would just go away… HAHA! :smiley:


eBay has to have some fine print in the commission rules for things that high I’d think.

Not sure but hey, they can afford it with their 10% cut from the sale… :wink:

I mean, if you’re going to try and sell a $3.5M comic, you’re not going to call the local library sciences community college student to restore it. You might seek out somebody who knows what they are doing.

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I think I was trying to make the point that I am amazed that all of that work could be done and it still achieves a 9.6. Then again, I know nothing of any note about restoration so should have kept my gob shut : )

I’m with you, Chudders. I don’t understand how an extensively restored comic and be graded the same as an unrestored comic.
That’s like saying a copy of any Silver Age comic is NM except for the subscription fold running the length of the comic.

“NM except for…” isn’t a grade.

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I think its fine to call it a restored 9.6. It wont sell for anything close to what an actual 9.6 would sell for.


But they should add the unrestored grade, too. Full disclosure.