Old Guard Netflix

Anyone watch it yet? I just finished and it is pretty good. Follows the comics

And totally sets up for a sequel

and prices have taken a jump since on eBay

I have sold all mine already but seems to be picking up.

Sold mine as well. My wife’s manager told me about the show and he liked it as well. I myself didn’t really like the book. I’ll see if the show is any good.

it is a 2 hour movie. Well worth watching

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Then I’ll check it out.

I didn’t watch but the wife did… She said it had potential but the writing was awful. Maybe that falls back on Rucka… If they followed the book.

Just watched it. It was good, not great. Writing was pretty generic.

I tried watching it with the fam, but they made me turn it off after 30 minutes. I really wasn’t into it either, but it wasn’t terrible.

I wasn’t aware of it even being in development let alone already on Netflix. I knew it had been optioned some time ago though. I preordered it from midtown years ago and quickly sold my NM copy for $30 this afternoon after listing this morning. I’ll add it to my watch list on Netflix.

Rucka wrote the screenplay.

I thought the movie was good not amazing. They definitely will do a sequel.

Warrior Nun > Old Guard

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I have been watching Warrior Nun as well. I just wish it followed the comic more.