Older Comics (80s/90s) - Interior Pages - corner chipping/tears?

Hey All,

I decided to crack open my ASM #252 which I thought, based strictly on the exterior covers, was in pretty good NM shape…

As I flipped through the pages however, I was surprised to find a significant amount of holes’ or tearing across several of them… now I’ve seen similar holes before in other comics from around the same time (80s/90s), but not sure how to explain them nor the torn corners on about 7-10 pages when the same corner on both front and back covers are intact.

Has anyone seen similar damage on interior pages of older books that have front + back covers in excellent condition? Any clue as to how this happens? I would’ve expected to see a continuation of the damage on the cover as well.

Good thing I opened the book up - was planning on sending it in for grading but not sure if I’ll be doing that anymore.


Those holes are from the printing process. The newsprint back then was pretty weak when compared to the paper used today. The publishers didn’t look at them as long term collectibles either. The printing holes should not be frowned upon much is any by CGC/CBCS/PGX…the chipping of the newsprint on the corners might. That is also probably from printing but not nearly as common as the “printing holes”. there is a chance the book may take a slight ding in the grading for that.

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Its worthless now. Ill take it off your hands for $1… :wink:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Book was legitimately a 9.6+ candidate if not for the interior page condition - no spine ticks and completely flat.

Point being that it would still look :heart_eyes: slabbed.

Rat chew. That’s gonna cost you. I’ll give you $2 for it…double what Poyo offered. :wink:

Wait, 90’s are older comics? Seems like yesterday X-Everything was hot, Valiant and Image were blowing up. I’m glad Image is what it has become

Man I’m still struggling to grasp the fact that Civil War, Planet Hulk, and the original Marvel Zombies run are more or less 15 years old now.

lol so yeah, ASM #252 at 40 years is next level in comparison. :upside_down_face:

Time is wild.