Omnibus that needs to be made?!

LCS Owner was asking why I purchase Omnibuses more nowadays. I showed him how I get creators to sign the inside and then I print a label with their names under that creator, whom may have had a work inside the OMNIBUS, we got to talking with other people who agreed that some Omnibus need to be made, so I made a list of suggestions… and I lost the LIST… so here are some that I can remember…

Marvel needs to make an Omnibus of…

Civil War (with Off shoots or a Omnibus Companion)
Secret Invasion (or Omnibus Companion)
Peter David’s Hulk
What If
Marvel Two in One
Marvel Team Up
Ms. Marvel (Brian Reed Run)
Star Wars High Republic
Ghost Rider
Reprint Tomb of Dracula Vol. 2 and 3
Vampire Tales Omnibus
Legion of Monsters -?
Marvel Premiere

Keep it GOING… Hopefully I’ll find the list

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I’m with you on the Brian Reed run of Ms. Marvel being really good and deserving of an omnibus.

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X-Force omnibus, the run with the Crain artwork, really liked reading it years ago, already own the Uncanny X-Force omni


I guess there is a “WHAT IF” OMNIBUS!

There’s a Peter David Hulk one too. It’s on its 4th or 5th volume

Someone at Marvel must have read this thread since it is now being reported over @drunkwooky 's page !


Oh yea !!

Speak of the Devil…


Just adding to the list of Omnibuses that have to be created!

Strange Academy

You have the 1st Class which is #1-12. Material of #12-17 has yet to be done.

I would also have it include the story from Marvel Voice: Community #1, Strange Academy Presents: Death of Doctor Strange (It was teased in the early stages of the Strange Academy series)

Strange Academy Finals #1-6

I’d have it include Midnight Sons #1, #2 and Midnight Sons #5
My opinion though!

GOt MY High Republic OMnibus Today!

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Was ‘Batman Shaman’ ever included in any omnibuses or collected works?

Finding an affordable copy of that out of print book is UHhhhh…