One 2 Watch

Shadowman #13 vol.4 (Dec.2013) is seeing some heat. Credit goes out to AaronC. @CBSMT for pointing this out. This issue is the 1st appearance of Punk Mambo. Comichron puts its numbers at 9,403 copies. She (Punk Mambo) had her solo title debut last week and that has caused her 1st appearance to ‘pop’. Her 1st appearance is in the aforementioned Shadowman #13 vol.4.:arrow_heading_down:

There is also a cover B variant for this issue.:arrow_heading_down:

And a HTF 1:20 variant. This variant is on fire right now.:arrow_heading_down:

She makes her 1st cover appearance on issue #16 of the same series, which is also getting some love on the secondary market. Comichron puts its numbers at 7,189 copies.:arrow_heading_down:


Valiant fans are a diehard bunch and this should be a nice easy flip if you find them, or perhaps a nice hold too. Happy hunting.

Looks like eBay sales are putting the regular as a $25 book on average currently. Very nice.

You care if I throw this on the main CHU site?

I posted, giving you credit. :wink:

No worries. :+1:. This was pointed out to me from a different group. I have edited my post here to give credit to the source and posted credit for the source, on the CHU article. All good.

Cool deal. We at CHU believe in giving due credit unlike some other people and sites out there.

Comichron has Shadowman #13 vol.4 at 9,403 copies. :thinking:

That’s going to make those ratio variants super hard to find.

It can’t help having waited over 5 years to get started looking for them either. :thinking:

I am curious why when the new series itself is not getting enough interest and the new #1 is selling for well less than cover, why anyone would care now when the 1st appearance was, enough to run the price up? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: