One Week Later Report for July 14th, 2021

Welcome to the One Week Later Report for 2021. Skipped last week that would have included books from 06/30/2021 so I might throw a few books from that week in the mix as well.

This week we’ll mainly cover the books released on 07/07/2021, which was last week.

These can be books that were simply overlooked or we anticipated getting hot, total surprise winners and perhaps books that got hyped, ending up as complete duds. Also could be a good list to use when out picking up this weeks books for you Wednesday Warriors…

Stray Dogs is simply on fire. Everyone is seeking these out, all these additional printings that are doing homage covers from mostly horror related movies.

Stray Dogs #1 4th Printing - Selling anywhere from $11 to $20 with a bunch of $11 to $12 sales in past few days.

Stray Dogs #2 3rd Printing - Almost same as the first issue 4th printing, a lot of $12 type sales but this one has what appears a few more sales around the $20 mark.

Stray Dogs #3 3rd Printing - Not doing as well as the others, seeing sales anywhere from $4 to $8 currently.

Stray Dogs #4 3rd Printing - This one started out pretty good, seeing sales around the $10 range but looks like auctions with actual bids have set the value of this one at or around the $5 mark with the most recent sales.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #14 is more of an honorable mention which gives us the first full of the new Deathstick character after her debut in Bounty Hunters #13 (looks like it’s a $10 book on a good day).

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #14 (Camuncoli Headshot Variant War of the Bounty Hunters) and Star Wars Bounty Hunters #14 (Sprouse Lucasflim 50th Variant War of the Bounty Hunters) still available at TFAW but the long term winner will be Cover A. Still available at Midtown but limited to 1 per.

This one is the long term hold to see how this new character pans out.

I hope you didn’t overspend for the Mamo #1 Unlockable Virgin One Per Store Variant.

You can nab these for around $10 on eBay. Might not be a bad gamble if this series gains some love and demand. I have yet to read it so I can’t vouch for the story within.

Seems a majority are on the Tynion high due to his secondary market success for SIKTC so seeing some love for his new Nice House on the Lake series at DC/Black Label, we all should have expected a drop in print for the second issue but if people are liking the story, expect a demand and we’ll likely see this issue start to go up in price when supplies start to run dry.

Nice House On The Lake #2 is still available with the A cover at TFAW.

Also to note, TFAW still has Nice House on the Lake #1 (of 12) (Francavilla TFAW Exclusive Variant) which are still seeing sales hovering around the $30 mark. Not a bad pickup I think at $14.99 and you can almost double your money. Buy two, sell one, it’s like getting the book for free almost.

Now a few mentions from two weeks ago, since I failed to do this report last week.

Marvel Action Spider-Man #3 Florean 1:10 is doing decently. If you were able to score this 1:10 for cover or 1:10 ratio type prices from retailers (the $10 to $15 range), this one is averaging $30 currently.

Just a cool cover if you ask me.

Black Cat Annual #1 introduced a team with some first appearances within. Not going crazy but still decent sales on the secondary. It’s cooling off but seemed to average around the $10 mark, double your money type of book. I’d say it’s one to grab a copy of and tuck away for the long term gamble potential.

X-Factor #10 gave us the death of Scarlet Witch. We all know deaths don’t last long and mean nothing but they still generate a little bit of FOMO, making this one initially jump in price but it seems to have since settled back down to a cover price book.

White #1 seems to have a lot of collectors and speculators scrambling. This one seeing sales $50 and up for the first issue. I’m out of the Black Mask game myself and don’t even bother with them or their titles.

I say flip these if you can, in a few months they’ll likely be worthless and I mean, if history repeats itself when it comes to Black Mask, you won’t even be able to pay someone to take these off you hands.

And for those who weren’t able to locate We Live #1 4th print and We Live #5 3rd print, you can find those available once again at Midtown.

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I say hang on to that Stray Dogs #3 third print. I feel like that was by far the most underordered of the covers released last week. Not a real recognizable movie poster. If we ever see print runs, that one is going to be really low.

That’s Midsommar, I’m a big horror movie buff, and this movie is a cult classic already. It is a newer movie, but has rave reviews, so I don’t quite agree with you on it not being a real recognizable movie cover - any horror fan will know what it’s from.


Doesn’t it also stR Florence Pugh

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Yes, there may be some new people seeking out her movies now that Black Widow is released.

I see sales for a book for $10 shipped from a non retailer and I don’t know how they make any money. You can generally spend $4 for a book and ship a book for ~$4 if you don’t use a gemini. After ebay fees you are only making ~$1. What is the point or what am I missing?


Volume of sales

Just like any retailer, buying books for $2 each while selling them for $4. You make your profit in quantity by moving inventory and trying to sell as many as you can quickly.

I’m referring to flippers/collectors rather than retailers. You generally can’t get $4 books for $2. Otherwise I’d like to know how. :wink:

A lot of the sellers on eBay are retailers. More than likely, it’s retailers who are selling them and making only a buck profit on eBay.

I have a copy of, “White,” #1 from the Kickstarter some time ago. No idea if it is worth more or less than the official release or how it differs. I can’t find a first issue of the regular release to compare it to for a good price.


I haven’t read stray dogs, but I don’t get the interest in the material.

The story was decent, has a very good concept, but I feel like it barely scratched the surface with the actual story in it.

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I’ve just never been a fan of animal characters. My suspension of disbelief is a real chore when reading about them. I’m probably in the minority.

I can understand that. For me, this was just a really well done book that made me care about the characters despite being dogs. I think it was because they established their histories a bit. Hard to put a finger on it. I genuinely cared about their fates. Certainly isn’t a happy go lucky plot and that’s what I think some perceived it as (I did).
It reminded me a bit of some classic animal literary works that also had animals as characters (and that I would highly recommend).
Watership Down (rabbits), Traveller (civil war perspective from Lee’s horse), Charlotte’s Web (my childhood fav)

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“It’ll make a great movie or show!!” Of course a great book would make a great movie or show. But on a serious answer its probably cause
People love dogs+ cute art+ already optioned+ people love the horror homages= hot indy series

Yeah, but I feel that They did not get into why the killer was taking the dogs, why he killed, what he planned to do with the dogs (he just kinda had a bunch of dogs). I feel like the series was on the edge of really being something special, but without filling in any of those details at all, I think it fell a little flat and made it just a story about a serial killer taking the dogs of his victims - full stop. I enjoyed it, but I feel like they were on the verge of a cult classic but didn’t quite get there.

I found it in the same vein as Hereditary, Relic, The Witch - kind of a slow burn, creepy at points, great acting, but somewhat disjointed.

I’m this guy but I usually pick up books from $1, $0.25, $0.50 sales. The upside is the profit margin is large ($1 book sells for $5 or more after Ebay fees, tax, stationary, etc.), and if I sell a lot, the sales add up. The downside is the actual $ amount is small, so I have to be very careful in how I spend the $$. Of course, the other downside is when, an Ebay buyer returns books (as lately), which eats into the margins. Still, I enjoy comic book hunting as a hobby, and I do try some sales with spec books (though not as much, and depending on luck) for larger $. Still fine tuning my skill set - lot more duds than winners. Testament to the boxes of drek my wife keeps asking me to get rid of. :slight_smile: