One Week Later Report for March 10th, 2021

Welcome to the 9th One Week Later Report for 2021.

This week we’ll cover the books released on 03/03/2020, which was last week.

These can be books we anticipated getting hot, total surprise winners and perhaps books that got hyped and ended up as duds. Also could be a good list to use when out picking up this weeks books for you Wednesday Warriors…

A bit slower week but one book stood out and is dominating the secondary market. But I’ll knock out a few honorable mentions first.

Batman #106 we got a cameo first appearance. Retailers I think were tipped off well in advance so as it wasn’t hard to obtain, most online shops now show sold out, that doesn’t mean you can’t find them locally. Secondary sales are hovering around cover price to $8 type of range for the most part. Seems sets of the covers are selling decently but still average out to the $8 a piece type of value.

Star Wars High Republic Adventures #2 gave us a better look at the new villain baddie. We’ll see how it pans out but a lot of online shops sold out (Midtown sold out but TFAW still has them) but you can find these for cover or so on eBay currently. It’s a definite hold for me.

Alright, the big book from last week hands down goes to ENIAC #1. Geez, we told people to pre-order last year and yet, here we are a year later finally and this thing has FOMO all over it.

Was this great marketing by Bad Idea? Was this a ploy for them to make their books more scarce by cutting orders from retailers all in the hopes of creating false demand? Who cares, if you secured your copy these are selling easily for $130+ for the first print and even the “not first printing” are fetching $15 and up… (do people not realize they’re gonna plan on just printing and printing the not firsts going forward?).

Anyways, FOMO is real but if you got them, sell’em I say. If you want to read it, just buy a “not first printing” later on… Unfortunately, this is a book you likely won’t find sitting on the shelves at the local shops a week later.

And remember kids, the first printing has white logo, the not first printing has black logo.


I’m holding my copies of Star Wars Adventure for now. As for Eniac, I wanted to sell my copy but want to see if it gets optioned or something. It’s a good story.

Sell sell sell… you can always buy the “not first printing”… :wink:

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I’m holding the Star Wars High Republic Adventures, too. Something tells me if it were Marvel instead of IDW it would be a hotter book now. It’s a shame because it has been a good read so far. The writer lives in my city and he is friendly with my LCS. He has signed the first 2 issues free of charge for anyone who requests it at the shop.


That’s cool. Can he sign my book? Lol.

I sold my Eniac #1 for $170 and I still have another coming that I will hold for the inevitable optioning.


I literally just picked up another Batman 106 at my LCS today. I also saw at last 5 IDW HRA as well. Was very tempted…what say you @drunkwooky for HRA #2?

If you can grab them at cover, I say go for it. It’s Marchion Ro’s first full appearance and all signs point to Soule, Scott, Older, and team continuing to use him as the big bad for the High Republic publishing initiative for a few years to come. Soule has two more books coming out and we are just in the first of three phases of the overall High Republic story line. Marchion Ro survived Light of the Jedi. I think 3-5 years from now, that book will pay dividends. Sooner? Who knows.


We can always count on the @drunkwooky . Thank you sir.

Yup, SW HRA #2 was a buy a few, stash them for the long haul type of book.


I did the same. Was able to mail order a copy for cover… (one shop near me still had some 1st printings as of yesterday, however limited to 1 copy)

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I just mailed my Eniac to CGC, one more on the way.

I would’ve been paying strangers to buy them for me. Or maybe a disguise.

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Sweet, I have 3 copies of Eniac and 25 copies of SWHRA #2 all minty fresh in my “CGC” box. Paid 99 cents each for the HRA books from Westfield. The CGC box is just really a hold box and things may or may not get sent to the graders. I am sending off some signed stuff to CBCS tomorrow, 6 signed Stake ashcans, 2 Daredevil #1’s signed by Zdarsky and a nice looking copy of Amazing Spider-Man #51 to CGC