Opinion: Damage Assesment Requested

Hi all,

I was lucky enough to score a 1:25 variant of Batman 96. I didn’t notice it at the shop, and maybe it happened while in my care, but there is a ding in the top left corner of the book.

While looking at the book’s cover you can’t really notice it, but of you look at the spine / binding you can see a soft, white corner.

I’ve never had a comic graded before, and I am super excited to own this book as it is my FIRST first appearance & first cover (ratioed) my only other first appearance/first cover is Venom 26 for Virus. Also, as I am more of a DC guy and as my name suggests, a huge Batman fan, I am extra excited for a Batman first/first.

I have also included pics of my Venom 25 that has a slight tear in the top left corner as well. Also a similar defect in the bottom left corner. I understand that this is fairly common with larger books and many of the sold copies that I have viewed on eBay have similar damage / defect. Perhaps that won’t effect final grade as drastically as I initially feared?

I know none of these will grade mint or gem mint, but if i can preserve them at a 9.6 or better I’d be happy.

Thank you for your time and opinions!


photo 20200805_134617_zpsilpybfwv.jpg

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Can you take the comic out of the bag? Makes it hard to see…especially given the high gloss cover.

My opinion is that minor binding tears are definitely common amongst thick books and even card stock that don’t have a press binding (I think that’s the term).

Unless there are other defects (folds, ceases spine ticks, etc), I believe you can expect a 9.6 on average and maybe an outside shot at 9.8 if it’s REALLY small and only one corner.

Book binding? Perfect binding? Burst perfect binding? What is it called?

From what I see that is from printing. As drogio stated they are in the bag so not as easy to tell, but I don’t think you have much to worry about. 9.6 at least. I have seen comics graded at a 9.8 with the same exposed printing cut. Most comics have them, some just show more and are larger. You could always pay for a press but it wouldn’t help what is shown and I really don’t think you need one. I’m guessing 9.6 for both with an shot at a 9.8 unless there is other wear on them not shown in the photos or if I missed something.

Nice pick up with the Batman ratio.

May I ask why you’d want them graded?

They’d aren’t books Id spend the money on to grade at their current values. If you want to preserve them more then a typical bag/board you can mylar them for extra protection.

But I wouldn’t drop the $30-40 to CGC them especially knowing they’d likely be a 9.6.

Thanks for the replies, everyone! I will upload full book, un-bagged photos tonight when I get off work.

I guess I want to preserve it as because it is a personal milestone for me. I’m not looking to flip them and turn them into big money. That being said, who knows what Clownhunter can turn into?!

Also looking into grading my Batman 89 and Hell Arisen 3 but I am soooooo nervous to send them out.

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Or you can buy comicskins and get them in a removable slab but offer the same robust protection.

Why are you nervous to send them out?

If you get them pressed those defects might come out completely.

You know how to fix fuzzy corners on comics? You lick the tip of your thumb and index finger… get it good and slobbery… then with your wet fingers, pinch out on the corner of the comics until the corner looks sharp again…

I do this to all my comics before shipping out… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I feel like there is a lot of risk and trust involved. I have to hope that the books get there safely and securely. I have to trust that the graders handle it correctly too. Then I have to hope they they grade the right comic and send it back safely and securely.

I am 99.99% sure my LCS would ship the book out correctly, I’m also sure that CGC would ship back correctly. It’s the mail that I don’t trust most of all.

Always pay for insurance.

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If you feel that way, more reason you either mylar or comicskin them and lose the added stress.

Best of luck whatever you choose.

I work U-Haul rentals, don’t gott tell me twice!

Tears don’t press out. They may actually tear further under pressure. I would attempt it just for that if there are no other defects.

There’s always risk, but you can take steps to mitigate them.

Package the. Like they are glass. Sandwiched bewteen Solid rigid cardboard or in Gemini mailers, then bubble wrapped them then placed into another box for added protection. The extra weight is worth it.

They handle some of the most expensive and rare comics in the world. They have procedures and protocols. It’s very rare that one gets damaged, especially if it’s already in top shape. If you have one that’s fragile, then I could see the concern.

Again, protocols and procedures that start the moment the package arrives in house. These aren’t kids working out a garage (unless it’s PGX). They carefully catalog each book and assign special tracking codes which follow it all the way through the process. Once they’re encapsulated they’re pretty secure and they will package them well.

Personally, If it’s cbcs you don’t need a paid membership…you should just package, ship and have it sent directly back to your house. I personally would cut them out of the loop. You can check on the status yourself rather than having to pester the lcs.

If it’s cgc, then pay for the membership and send them in yourself as well. Same reasons. Cut out as many middle people as possible to minimize your risk concerns.

And always insure it as long as your not changing addresses they’ll be returned to you safely.

The book is flawless aside from the minor tear / ding in the top left corner. I would hope for a 9.8, 9.6 wouldn’t piss me off.

Thank you for all the shipping tips, I REALLY appreciate it Drogio!