Opinion: Mount Rushmore of Comics


I’m curious as to who everyone thinks belongs on various Mt. Rushmores in the Comic Book Industry.

I’m thinking about the following categories:

Creators - The people from across the decades who have written or drawn the stories that we hold dear.

Characters - Those who have had arguably the largest affect on pop culture. 'Nuff Said.

Personal Favorites - Now obviously the previous two categories are based somewhat on your personal opinion but also grounded as being likely accepted across all biases. However THIS category is purely personal and may be laughed at, but this who you feel should be on your personal Mt. Rushmore. Mkx and match characters and Creators if you’d like! Exaggerated example: Rob Liefeld, Swordsman, Darkclaw, and Frogman.

I’ll go first:

Creators: Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Bill Finger, Todd McFarlane.

Characters: Batman, Superman :man_superhero:, Spider-Man, and Wolverine.

Personal: Batman, Captain America , Scott Snyder, Geoff Johns.

Honorable Mentions: Joker, Dick Grayson, Wonder Woman, Cyclops, Magneto… I’m sure I’ll think of more. I know I listed Batman on two Rushmores but I just can’t leave him off of my personal Rushmore nor the Cultural Rushmore (for lack of a better term).

I know I didn’t list an artist… but it’s super hard to nail down a favorite. Gary Frank, Jorge Jimenez, Jason Fabok, Kirby, McFarlane, Romita, Kubert(s) etc are all soooo great and sometimes different artstyles can fit stories and characters better than others. See Riley Rossmo drawing Harley Quinn.

I look forward to your input!

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This should be fun! I love these type of things. We should do these more!

Creators: Jack Kirby, Terry Moore, Daniel Warren Johnson, Jeff Lemire

Characters: Batman, Captain America, Superman, Spider-Man

Personal: Carnage, Batman Beyond, Tim Drake, Anya Corazon

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Creators: Jack Kirby, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Neal Adams

Characters: Batman, Spider-Man. Wonder Woman, Superman

Personal: Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Travis Charest, Dan Mora

Replace McFarlane with Ditko and I think I agree.

I think Siegel and Shuster could be a combo head, as it were?


@davidbitterbaum Agreed about Siegel and Schuster they should count as one team/entity. Also, I think the FF should be lumped as a entry (the core four not the extended family).

My McFarlane pick is based on all his iconic covets, the success of Spawn, launching Image Comics that shook the industry, McFarlane Toys, etc. Also, I feel like he and Image Comics try to do more for the LCS than Marvel and DC. The suits at the big two are trying to be streaming/subscription kings. The suits at Image are Creators. That’s huge, imo.


I’ll go with longevity, influence and output, and take: Lee, Kirby, Eisner and Adams.


Creators: Kirby, Stan Lee, Alan Moore, Todd McFarlane (for his commitment to helping all creators take ownership of their own work)

Characters: Spidey, Bats, Supes and WW.

Personal: Jock, Toddfather, Alan Moore and Frank Miller.


Love seeing the love for the Mac!

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Guess I should add personal: Byrne, Miller, McFarlane and Perez.

This comes from formative years of collecting in the late 80s.

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I guess when one takes into account how important Image was/is I see your logic.

Creators:Stan lee /Steve Ditko:they created spider man, enough said .Alan moore( legendary writer,no introduction needed).James Tynion:the master of horror, pretty much every horror book he writes is gold and he is a still a young guy .He’s going down as probably the greatest horror writer of all time .Todd Mcfarlane:He put an
Indie character on the map. What more can I say about him?

Characters: Spider man(Peter Parker will always be Spider man)-not really a fan of miles Morales.He’s the exact carbon copy of Peter Parker except with a different pain brush .If that’s the case, then I will always choose the original characters. I’ve always liked the original characters better than the comic industry tokenizing and trying to replace legacy characters .I think it’s very disrespectful to the original creators .If they want diverse characters,DC and Marvel should create new diverse characters like Manga does. Bat Man(Bruce Wayne), Super man (Clark Kent) and Incredible Hulk (Bruce Banner),and Spawn.

I might switch to reading Manga if the big two continue to replace legacy characters and push for propaganda in their comic books.

Personal:Adam Hughes, Jock, Jim Lee and Scott Campell.

Honorary mention :Fiona Staples and Brian K. Vaughan .Saga is a masterpiece. That’s how you do diverse characters and a compelling story .Saga is probably one of the greatest Indie books ever written in my own opinion.

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Characters: Reed, Sue, Johnny, Ben :slight_smile:

These characters werent great in themselves, but the Fantastic Four original series introduced us to a rich treasury of characters and universes.

You’re right. Without the F4 we don’t get Doom, Galactus, Skrulls, and countless other awesome ideas. Oh, and Inhumans.

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