Opinion Needed on Demon 1

Hi all,

I just got this in mail, and something I didn’t notice in the photos but do notice in hand is the cover doesn’t seem to align with the interior pages. The cover overlaps at the top and is short at the bottom.

My question is: Is this a common thing to see with books of this age, or is it a sign of doctoring? The staples look original and I don’t notice any trimming of any kind.

Please see the photos.

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I’ve seen worse in CGC slabs books…

I don’t think it’s abnormal…hard to tell from the photos but if the overall size is the same and it’s slightly “off” i wouldn’t suspect trimming at least.

I assume the staples are tight and the cover doesn’t slide around?

This is correct.

That’s not all that uncommon. I think you’re fine.

I wouldn’t be too concerned. The back looks nice for its age, too.

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Thanks for the reassurance guys! Ill post a nice full pic in my Kirby thread.

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