Outlawed 1 1:50 Rare (Rud Variant) CGC 9.8

I am getting back my Outlawed 1 Rud Variant back from the CGC with a 9.8 grade with white pages. This is a rare comic because it only has 30 9.8 copies on the CGC census and many retailers did not order 50 copies of issue 1 to receive the variant. I was wondering if anyone was willing to trade me for it, (only suggesting trades of equal value).

I checked the prices for that and DAMN.

My last CGC shipment was a pretty good one, here is proof of me getting back a 9.8. The only reason why it is listed as a modern grade category and not a Standard is because I sent it in right when I bought it when it still counted as a modern tier comic. Plus I had it pressed so that added an additional 2 months to grade.

Or if you want to trade for about any number of things on my recently graded comics list, let me know. All the non-variant comics are 1st prints.

Are you at all interested with a comic of similar value? Because I’m looking for a 1st appearance comic book/variant and not just a super rare, expensive variant with a first team appearance to invest in. (Sorry to down-sell it).

I don’t have much of anything to offer for trade right now, sorry!

“…and not just a super rare, expensive variant with a first team appearance to invest in. (Sorry to down-sell it)…”

Yes, you surely are down selling it.

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What value do you put on the book, if someone were to make an offer?

I’d try to sell it for around $1750 (American), but that’s why I’m willing to trade it. If you own a store and would want to trade something you have for it, you could mark it up real nice because of the values its going for on eBay, along with its rarity if you get enough traffic in your store/online.

This is an awesome thread. Just what I wanted for Christmas. I cannot wait to see where this goes.

Are you being sarcastic?

What? Why would you think I am being sarcastic?

Those are some good comics retail wise. The Spider-verse Brown Variant is listed for $329 for a 9.8 and I have 6 9.8’s… If someone wanted to trade for all the comics on the list They would be valued at… I don’t feel like doing the math and research for all the comics based on eBay prices based on the lowest For sale price.

I’d be out at that price point. Best of luck in your endeavour.

some one would have to be tarded out as shit to pay that for this pump and dump book.


I thought that was rather steep too, seeing as the last copy sold went for $760 USD a few days ago.


Sale price has been dropping since November. But all listed copies at 9.8 now are above $1000. Someone may have been desperate to let it go for $100s lower than the previous sales…

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Perhaps, but that last sale was an auction, with 32 bids. So, I don’t think your theory quite works for that particular sale.

The auction ended at a weird time on a Monday… at 5:30 PM Central I think, that’s why it didn’t sell for much, they should have ended the listing at a later time in the night or on a Sunday.

D-Rog is right, in October-November the comic was selling for around $1350-$2200, as high as $2499.95 with a best offer. Someone must have wanted a PS5 or needed Christmas gift money fast with that last sale.