Paper Girls - Tweet?

Covrprice put Paper Girls #1 as it’s number #17 top mover/seller for this week. Claiming it sold 21 copies thanks to a tweet from Brian K Vaughn about “Extra, extra big Paper Girls news coming your way soon”. Of course, many figured that this means content. Hence, it had a 7-day trend of 106% and had a high sale of $80 for a CGC 9.8.

Can anyone find that actual tweet? Seems my twitter finds the official BKV account and says it doesn’t exist.

I hope the news is bigger than it just ending… cause I’m sitting on way too many copies of #1.

From what I recall, that was his official twitter account handle right? HeyBKV.

I have no clue as to your Twitter question but maybe it just means Paper Girls isn’t really done? Maybe a Vol 2 or something? Just a shot in the dark on my part but I find the timing odd this comes after the series is supposed to be ending at issue #30.

Looks like he deleted his account.