Past Ratio Variants available at TFAW

Since we got the New Variants at TFAW topic, figured we could start a topic that highlights the variants that are still in stock or back in stock here to keep them separated and better organized.

Here’s a few to start it off:

Black Widow #2 (Okazaki Variant)

Commanders in Crisis #1 (Momoko 25 Copy Variant)

Dark Nights Death Metal #4 (of 7) (Inc 1:100 Greg Capullo & Jonathan Glapion Black & White Variant)

Die!namite #1 (Momoko Retailer 25 Copy Incentive Variant)

Thor #9 Klein Variant

Wolverine Black White Blood #1 (Kubert Variant)

We also have this page, which has existed since our new site launched but doesn’t seem to get noticed too much. It features any of the variants we have on sale (30% off or 50% off usually, sometimes 75%).

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Guessing people are ordering the hell out of Spider-Man 55A, because the 1:10 keeps showing up.

Amazing Spider-Man #55 Schumacher Spider-Man Miles Morales V

It’s past FOC which means we aren’t bringing any more copies in. So most likely just people asking for it to be removed from pre order or various other reasons