Pat Gleason Variant X-Men Legends #1 speculation

Pat just dropped this on his Instagram
With Pat heating up faster than Space X’s failed landing it could be a possible pick for the future
What does everyone think about this?
I think it’s pretty cool art so past spec if you’re a Pat fan it’s worth picking up


I’ll probably pick it up to read cause 90s X-Men is awesome but I don’t really see much huge potential

Yeah hes late to release it. Been out for a while on some shops sites. I know tfaw had it.
X-Men Legends #1 (Gleason Stormbreakers Variant)

Gleason hasn’t really heated up except for the web head covers. He’s done a lot of stuff lately.

Get it for the PC if you like the art, but don’t expect it to pop.


I had preordered one sight unseen just because his name was attached.

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Still waiting on the reveal for his Venom #200 cover.

I’ll pass on this X-men one.

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I too wanna see the Venom art

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I don’t feel bad missing this week. Only one that looked worthy was Marvel #6. Rest … meh.

On a side note can anyone see the Gleason skull :woozy_face:

X-Men Legends #2 JTC Action Figure variant. So 90s

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Yup!! I like em. Grabbed the cyclops for issue 1. Going to grab them all make a set.