PayPal rate achanges

Look out sellers who are still using PayPal to receive payments. You are going to get less money.


Do you sellers who use Mercari use PayPal to receive payments?

The money goes into your Mercari account not your PayPal but people can purchase from you with PayPal. So you don’t pay a PayPal fee but there is a Mercari fee might as well be the same thing.

Mercari does it’s own payment. It’s like eBay’s, you can use anything to pay and you release funds into your bank account when you request them.

I like that. My biggest complaint about eBay managed payments is I can’t use the funds to buy books. I have to first send them to a bank account and there are days between each transaction from sale to payment to bank and back again…

It actually is a deterrent to buying on eBay for me. So they’re losing opportunities to make money IMO from sellers after the sale.

But I also understand they don’t want to be a bank either.


Yeah, Mercari you can use the funds to buy more stuff without withdrawing.

Without my PayPal account in use anymore due to eBay’s direct payments, I will not be buying anything on eBay again. :man_shrugging: They have lost me as a paying consumer.


As per typical, ebay sucks.

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