PCKComics Early Holiday Sale

To thank everyone here at CHU for all the support you have given us in these past few months, I wanted to give you all first crack at our holiday sale. Normally we only do an after holiday sale, but from now until midnight Sunday, you can use the code CHUHolidayDeal at checkout to get 25% off all in-stock raw comics (including sale items). Thanks again to all of you who have tried us out. This really is a great community and we appreciate you all!


I’ve ordered from you a couple times. Always happy!

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That’s a nice website, its well organized and features the right comics to be featured. Nice Job with that.

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Suggestion for the website to have a filter to eliminate all the sold out items.

I appreciate the suggestion! That is actually something I am working on now.

Is the code expired?

Yes, it is :frowning:. We will be doing another one after Xmas though!

I have updated the site so all Out of stock items automatically go to the end of the list. I am still working on a way to add a filter so you do not have to see them at all, but this should at least make it easier to browse.

Our End of the Year sale is now active. 25% off all in-stock raw comics from now until the New Year automatically at checkout!

The prices aren’t updating at checkout for me.

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Thanks for telling me! It should be working now.

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