Peacemaker to get his own 8 episode series

Yes. Best part of the series was when he sat down at the table at the prison and started the fight with the white supremacists. The stuff he said was hilarious.


Seems normal for DC nowadays. Marvel has a character’s name on a poster in the end credits, everyone loses their mind.

DC brings two A-List cameos for a season finale, nobody bats an eye.


Well for years the MCU programmed the public to keep an eagle eye on things shown when Thanos first appeared after the end credits. Running wild with theories and what-ifs are to be expected to flood social media.

DC however is not overtly doing it. Just an in-story way of reminding that the movies are in the same universe like Supes in Shazam, Batfleck’s package delivery to Diana in WW, and that in-story joke about JL in Peacemaker where it eventually was proven correct. Lol.

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