Peach Momoko NYCC exclusive. Selling fast

Go to the IDW website.

300 copies sold in 3 minutes.

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Sold out.

I had it in my cart and it sold out. NOOOOOOO!

Yeah, it was still a available when I added it…then said sold out when I hit the button.

I think the key collector sent and alert after I posted. Those posts lead to a tidal wave of buying.

Yeah, that’s where I saw it.

Wow. Those vanished quickly. I was able to grab two. These conventions are gonna bankrupt me.

Yeah I could easilly buy, but then I saw the shipping cost to EU … 30$ OMG

I think it sold out in about 15 mins. 700 copies. Agree. I have been on a buying bonanza. More than when I would go to NYCC in person.

Not if you flip them…this one could be gold.


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I was able to grab 2 Usagi, 2 Star Wars Adventures #1, and 2 of the Transformers/Back to the Future #1 exclusives. Woot!

Swing and a miss again. Had it in cart, sold out. I’ll never get one of these con Usagis…

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I was in it for the flip anyway. Hope those who got them ahead of me enjoy them.