Peach Momoko

I ordered her cover to Batman the Adventure continues #1. I don’t see myself getting too crazy on collecting her covers.

Same sale is going on at Frankies. From the email this morning:

TMNT The Last Ronin #1 Peach Momoko

Trade dress $25
We will have a limit set 
**We are not going to announce the print run** as this is for fans that just want a copy!
Cover art is not final
Sales start at 2:00 PM EST
CGC options will be available and very limited
Listing will appear at 2:00 PM EST

This whole “store variant group/collective” can keep ordering more and more copies of this book until FOC…and then sell those under a different ebay account when the book hits its peak. Print run numbers wont be released. Dont be confused with whats “available for sale” vs “print run”.

Yeah but they are not doing a print limit on it so it’s not worth it to me at least.

Canto II: The Hollow Men #1 - 6/15/2020 3pm EST at
Buying this one if I get the chance.


Now THAT i need to have.

Looking forward to Canto II.

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I saw Peach Momoko’s art work like 4 years ago, and I was like, how come Marvel hasn’t gotten her to do covers yet? I jumped and had her do me 2 commissions for me, so I shipped her my sketchbook in late July and picked it up at a Convention 1st week of September. I think I was charged $100. I gave her extra, but I knew she was going big someday. She is bigtime in Japan, that I know. Anyhoo when I 1st saw her variants with Marvel I immediately signed up for them with my LCS. Needless to say, I never got any, but oh well I got 2 originals in my sketchbook. as Opposed to the books… oh I bought 10 of those Captain Marvels, should I ever cross paths with her again, I’ll get them signed and graded. She did another Captain Marvel which was a store variant. :smiley:

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Post pictures. I wanna see the drawings she did for you.

CRUZZER long time no see how you’ve been?

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I recall you sharing some commissions she did for you… Didn’t you post them in one of your articles?

I only got sketches of Chun Li, Moon Knight and Carol Danvers in my sketchbook. These are the ones she did for me.


I been super busy. Not teaching 2nd graders read like I normally do during my time off. I went from PT to FT at work (Costco), for those who don’t know, I spend a lot of my spare time taking care and advocating for a lot of elderly people on my spare time making sure someone is not out there screwing them over. One of them was a 84 year old man who I considered one of my best friend’s well he passed this past weekend. I briefly came on the internet to just get away from the world for a bit.

I started working on a Fantomex article back while I was waiting for shops to reach out to me about pushing their eBay store pages, but a lot of the shops never got back at me, hopefully I can finish that Fantomex article soon. Fantomex turns 18 this year coming August, so he has officially become an adult. I really would love for MOMOKO to do me a FANTOMEX… :grin:

IF you didn’t know the COMIC URBAN LEGEND; Grant Morrison took an old French character out of the public domain and made him an X-Men character.

"In France, before World War One, writers Pierre Souvestre and Marcel Allain released a series of novels about a character called Fantomas, who was basically a kingpin of crime. He did all sorts of nasty, evil things, but at the same time, he was so interesting that people liked the character, no matter how evil he was.

The character was so popular that he received movie serials in the 1910s, a sound film version in the 30s, another movie version in the 40s, and a series of films in the 60s and finally, a short-lived TV series in the 70s. Each adaptation varied in how they presented Fantomas, with some making him more of an “anti-hero.” It starred Jean Marais as Fantomas. It was not a huge hit in Europe, but became very popular in Latin America.

In fact, while Fantomas had already inpired a Mexican comic book, the comic became even more popular as it incorporated the version of Fantomas from the 60s film. That will be quite familiar to fans of New X-Men, for in 2001, writer Grant Morrison took advantage of the fact that Fantomas had fallen into the public domain by essentially just straighforwardly adding Fantomas to the X-Men as FantomEX .

However, Morrison, while ostensibly using Fantomas, is really basing Fantomex more upon a SECOND character who was, himself, BASED on Fantomas, the Italian comic strip character, Diabolik, who ALSO had a European film in the 1960s. It is the film version of Diabolik (more of a rogueish type, unlike the comic strip character, who tends to be crueler) that most resembles the character of Fantomex.

Likewise, Diabolik’s lover and partner’s name is Eva. Fantomex has a flying-saucer-like ship called E.V.A., which contains his central nervous system (outside his body, so he can be protected easier) and which he has a symbiotic relationship with (also a telepathic one, as Fantomex can see via E.V.A.'s “eyes”).

Fantomex was a supporting character for the rest of Morrison’s run, but sadly has not been seen much since then (a short appearance in Mystique and Weapon X being the exceptions).

Pretty cool stuff, no?

For more info on Fantomas, check out this highly informative website, Fantomas Lives!"

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Very cool sketches, @CRUZZER. You got two Momoko OA’s for a cheaper price than some people are paying for 1 book with her printed art. Your Momoko OA is badass.

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I like the Canto and Yoda covers.

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Yeah, I fumbled on the canto cover…forgot to set a reminder. Oh well.

Check out the Thor 6 cover. That is Thor, right? Face is weird…not sure if she phoned this one in…

Is that Symbiote goo on the hammer?

@D-Rog Tough to say what will happen with Thor…maybe an effect of the Black Winter? The previews indicate that in upcoming issues (#5) that Thor must become “something else” in order to save the Multiverse.
The Black Winter also appears to those who are doomed…so a face of death?

I thought the same thing on Thor’s face.

Imagine he’s new why give him the beta ray homage if he’s not

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I know a lot of people like Peach’s work but that is the UGLIEST cover this year.


But Mjolnir is venomized!!

I agree. I find with Peach I either love it or hate it, no in-between

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