Peach Momoko

This cover is starting to do well the end captain marvel #1
Was a cover price Variant also a great cover.

I just started putting together a set of her covers. I have this one.

Well there’s another store variant available tomorrow for Peach at this rate you’ll be buying 5 store variants a week.


Looks a bit low-effort or rushed like the vampirella one. There are 27 TMNT: The Last Ronin covers.

Oh… FFS… 27 covers? I’m out…

27 covers for TMNT, I didn’t even think 27 people bought the new stuff outside of the 3 issues that have popped.

I’m not getting everyone just one or two that I see around.

Okay, I lied. I had to pick up one of those Peach TNMT Variants from Golden Apple when they went on sale.

Nice, already selling for a ton.

Another Peach store variant for Patriotika you’re all going to have a full coloring book of Peach art by the end of the month with all these store variants.

Whose doing the exclusive for that one?

7ate9 there’s some versions with only 15 copies

Those translate to like $320 for a 15 or 9 copy store variant man they are taxing you guys.

The cover is not worth it. Not her best work!!! I’ll pass.


At least the boobs look right in this one, but for me it’s underwhelming… the cover that is. She has to be rushing her projects. I hope the Kickstarter covers from El Rey Comics don’t turn out like her last few store exclusives. I think the ComicTom cover looks great though.

Here’s something for all you Peach fans.

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I feel the same, plus I don’t much care for the character either.

I got an email from Golden Apple Comics saying that they will have a Trade Dress version of TMNT The Last Ronin #1 Momoko cover at 11AM PST today. Orders are limited for first 30 minutes. I’m passing on this, but just giving a heads-up.