"Pedigree Question"

I’ve had a hard time finding an answer to this question and perhaps someone here knows.

When it comes to grading “pedigree collections” how does the process work in terms of receiving the pedigree/label?

I’m not speaking of having a collection regarded as a pedigree but rather getting the label for the books that are purchased from the pedigree collection itself.

Does every single book have to be submitted/verified by the original pedigree owner? What is the check and balance system for that? These pedigree collections have thousands/hundreds of thousands books sometimes. Not all them end up graded but are from the pedigree collections still in a raw state.

If I buy a raw book from a pedigree collection and have some sort of proof of that, can I submit and get a pedigree label for the item?

Hope that made sense…

I believe if you have proof of the pedigree purchase they may, but problem is they may not due to not being able to guarantee it’s the exact book.

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I think the pedigree collections are when CGC received the entire collection, aka no regular people can really submit for pedigree collections and there’s no adding to them.

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Yes, either the original owner or family still in possession would need to. Once that integrity is compromised it’s not something that can be reversed. It would have to be quite the forensic undertaking to prove it was 100% the same book with 0% doubt.