Penguin Classic Collections

Has anyone seen these? They look like cool hardcover collections of classic comics. I think this is neat as Penguin now distributes Marvel and it seems like this is something special they have done for Penguin.

Penguin Classics Marvel Collection: The Amazing Spider-Man HC (2022 PC)

Volume 1 - 1st printing. Collects Amazing Fantasy (1962) #15; The Amazing Spider-Man (1963-1998 1st Series) #1-4, #9-10, #13-14, and 17-19; and stories from Strange Tales (1951-1976 1st Series) #97 and Amazing Spider-Man (1963-1998 1st Series) Annual #1.

Series Edited by Ben Saunders. Written by Stan Lee. Art and cover by Steve Ditko. Introduction by Ben Saunders. Foreword by Jason Reynolds.

Illustrated throughout, The Penguin Classics Marvel Collection presents specially curated comic book anthologies of the origin stories, seminal tales, and characters of the Marvel Universe to explore Marvels transformative and timeless influence on an entire genre of fantasy. A Penguin Classics Marvel Collection Edition

They have $50 cover prices but Mycomicshop has them at $34.99

There is also a Black Panther and a Captain America one.

Hadn’t heard of them until I saw these while browsing


I saw these on ComicHub a while back.

$25.49 on Amazon

The Amazing SpiderMan Penguin Classics Marvel Collection


I pre-ordered all 3. I like these 1st editions.

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