Pet Avengers?

I know this a lame post, but I want to try this feature. Ive seen some easter egg videos regarding engame. So, in the final battle when Dr.Strange opens all the portals bringing all the heroes to fight Thanos’ armies, you can see Howard the Duck behind the left shoulder of Hope Van Dynes’ The Wasp.



Does this lend any credence to perhaps Howard being part of a future Pet Avengers film?

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We can hope.

Two fans are waiting hopped up sugary cereal.

In the words of Poopoo if you can read lips


I would love for them to do another Howard the duck movie. It’s time for a remake.

I would hope they do more with Howard the Duck. He has a fairly large, loyal fan base…I would say even bigger than Rocket Racoon (before the first Guardians of the Galaxy film hit). I think it would do well. Wouldn’t mind seeing more Pet Avenger cameos or small parts in upcoming movies.