PGX 9.8 Moon Knight #1 crack and reslab

There is a PGX 9.8 Moon Knight #1 currently on ebay for under $500. Do you think it is worth the time and risk to crack and reslab with CGG? CGC 9.8 go for about $900.

Link doesn’t work.

If this is the book, I’d want better more close up scans, in particular these areas as they look like defects that might bring it down to 9.4, IMO.

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This also looks like there could be a crease along the top corner free edge. Hard to tell through the slab at this resolution.


I’d also want to see close ups of the entire spine. Because there’s a little “white” along the edge there may be creases not quite reaching the purple that are masked do the low resolution.

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I fixed the link!

thanks, this is helpful. looks like there may be some rust on the staple, going to pass.

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I’ll sell you my CGC 9.8 Moon Knight #1 for $900 :wink:

I don’t know if it’s rust….could be ink that bled through or color that rubbed off from another comic or a common printing defect for this book. I don’t see anything outright that says “not 9.8”. Just blurry details that could be something.

Why not $1300?


Oh damn… they going for that much now? Geez…

I paid like $125 for mine… what a nice ROI…

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Yeah…I should have grabbed one when it was $200 and no one cared a few years ago.

But I spent that money wisely anyway on other books…can’t get’em all, but I got the ones i always wanted since child hood but were unobtainable at $20 (for a kid with a $5 Weekly allowance…$20 took forever to save up for…)

I paid $5 for that book a few years back and it’s a 9.8 contender.