PGX East Experience

I decided to give PGX Grading East a try and submitted an Amazing Spiderman #365 Newstand Version and was pleasantly surprised. I sent the book to be pressed and graded. PGX received the book June 9 and I got the book back June 17 and along the way, I also received emails from Rob Pillsbury on every step of the process.

Overall, I thought the turnaround time was incredible especially given I still have books at CGC to be pressed dating back Jan 14 which still have not been done. The detailed email from Rob on the status of the book was helpful and I thought the pressing and grading results were accurate at 9.6.

See attached pics of the book.


I sent an email to PGX asking if they could give me an estimate on how much shipping costs were to Canada about a month or 2 ago and did not get a response. Was about to give them a try of about 10-20 books. No response to email, I’m out.

I think PGX East is a new entity maybe you can try to get info from them perhaps.

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Did you email the old PGX or PGX East. Rob Pillsbury seems very responsive.

I went to the PGX website and emailed their email listed. Said their office is in Oregon and I’m on the west coast and pretty close to there so I sent them the email listed on their site.

They have a different website

I’m pretty sure I used that link and then went to their site and clicked PGX west. Weird, I’ll give them another try.

Says on their link here that Modern comics should be sent to PGX West. Services & Pricing | Pgxcomics

Grading Services

PGX Comics East only offers Express grading service. For Golden Age, Standard and Modern Services please submit those books to PGX Comics West.

So I sent them an email and no response. Doesn’t make me feel good about it tbh.

I think that means if you don’t want express service you have to send to west.

So i’m going through the submission thing but can’t figure out how to make it go through, am I supposed to hit print now or something and send it with my books?

You need to print out the form and complete the form and send back to PGX.

I just sent 5 books to PGX East. Good price and looking forward to it taking a lot less than half a year to get back.

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I just got an email from rob today that grading was and was shipped out to me today. It was only one book just to see how it was but that was pretty fast. Will post more when it comes in

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Got my book in. Was not cleaned or pressed and managed to get a 9.8. I sent it in not that long after ordering it. Tried to take as many pics as I could but definitely looks like a 9.8. Whole process was very fast from getting it to there to grading and back here. I’ll give my stamp of approval and the guy Rob kept me updated the whole time