PGX east

Wow, Steve Borock stepped up and said his piece on PGX. Obviously, he is going to look out for CBCS’ interests, but he seems like a guy who would give fair credit where it is due.

Whatever PGX East is doing now and in the future, they have a long, long shadow to climb out from under. They should have started fresh with a new company name.

Yea but anyone can step up and say their piece about another company. If you look around, every grading company has nightmare stories. One guy submitted a Giant Size X-Men, he says CBCS damaged it, but look at the pictures anyway…a 9.2 with all the flaws you can see in those pictures? CBCS and CGC have just as many complaints against them as PGX but it seems PGX is the one that has stuck in peoples minds for whatever reason.

Yes, CBCS recognizes CGC as legitimate certification and therefore CBCS allows posting of their slabs and civil discussion. He clearly has seen enough of PGX’s work he does not recognize them as legitimate.

Definitely. And Borock’s going to have a bias – but it seemed unusual to me for him to be so blunt about a competitor.

I don’t find it unusual because they have a policy concerning PGX. His statements pretty much back up why that policy is in place.

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What did Steve say? All I saw was his lol comment.

His story doesn’t really mean anything to me in todays market. For all I know he could be talking about books he cracked years ago when those stories were first coming out. Plus all 3 companies have stories about their products being over graded. It has only stuck with PGX though. What I know for sure is that I sent 5 modern books in to PGX to be graded and all should come back 9.8 so there is no way for them to over grade anything I sent them.