PGX east

Has anyone tried PGX east grading. CGC turnaround times are so long I was thinking about giving them a try. $20 bucks for10 turnaround is very reasonable give CGC charges $120 for 17 days express service.

Try adding categories please. :wink:

PGX may be cheaper and MUCH faster, but if you’re slabbing to sell right away, how big is the potential difference in what buyers will pay vs. CGC or CBCS?
(I’m not trying to play devil’s advocate, I’m actually curious.)

I agree PGX may never get over the past issues and values will always be low relative to CGC and CBCS. But I wanted to give PGX EAST a try and check out the results.

I just don’t understand why CGC continues to command such a high price given it had comparable issues in the past. I tried CBCS a couple of times but their turn around times were the longest of the 3 a couple of years ago.

I am actually going to try them out. They are doing some cool stuff and I am going to send off like 5-6 books to them.

Basically people say things about them with having never trying them. They just regurgitate the same old stories from 10-15 years ago.


I will probably try them for some of my signed comics.

That’s human nature though. I say you can’t knock anything until you try it yourself… :wink:

I agree within reason. I don’t have any desire to try cocaine.

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Completely agree, the marketplace have been repeating the same old stories. I have tried the PGX West before and I thought the pressing and turnaround times were great. The cases were also much better than the old CBCS cases. I would like to see more competition in this space, given how long turnaround times are both for CGC and CBCS. I also crossovered about 10 high end books from PGX to CGC , like batman adventures 12, new mutants 98 , NYX 3 and all came back the same grade.

I just my 1st submission to PGX east and will post pics when they come back.


Great info here.

Is the grading / slabbing process different than the regular pgx? Different, improved product?

I don’t like PGX labels…so for that reason they have an inferior product.

(I feel like I’ve heard this argument before…?)


Seriously, I might send a few books their way for fun. See what comes of it.

I like the ability to smell my comics if and when I want to, therefore all slab companies have inferior products… :wink:

Then you want a comicskin…

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Meh, too expensive. I’ll stick with regular bags or mylars…

I just remembered this from when I googled PGX East last week to find their site so I could submit some books and forgot to post it. It goes right to the point you made…

I would bet a lot of money that every person posting in this CBCS thread trashing PGX East has zero first hand knowledge of any wrong doing from PGX and is doing exactly what you said, regurgitating stuff they heard from 10-15 years ago.

I sent in a book last week and it arrived on Saturday and then was marked as delivered. I get an email today saying they have received my book and are gonna get to work on it

From Rob? I got my e-mail this morning saying the same

I need to get books to send him. I promised I was gonna send five books in and do a video.

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