Phantom Starkiller #1 Secret Variant CBCS 9.9

I just posted Phantom Starkiller #1 Secret Variant CBCS 9.9 to ebay with a starting bid of $1 if anyone is interested :grin:


Hey PCK do you ship to the UK?

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Congrats on the 9.9! You don’t see that very often, aside from prestige format type books,


Congrats on the 9.9!

Good luck on the auction :rocket:

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Yep, we do.

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Thanks, when I finished pressing it I actually said to myself “if anything is a 9.9 it is this”. So I was super psyched to see the grade.

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Congrats on thr 9.9. If it was CGC it would be 10 lol


Nope, 14.0 more than likely :wink:

Everyone else’s scale goes to 10, but CGC’s goes to 11.

Spinal Taps’ scale also goes to 11…

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Congrats @PCKComics !

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The irony of something that intentionally looks beat up and used getting a 9.9.


Sweet. I have a copy that I’m going to get pressed one day. Hopefully it gets a 9.8.

CBCS is strict too… If you submitted to CGC you probably would have gotten a 10.5

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