Phantom Stranger appears on Swamp Thing

Madame Xanadu was mentioned on Swamp Thing today. I’ve been telling you to pick this one up for years as a $5 book, Doorway To Nightmare #1 1978 1st Madame Xanadu. Also Phantom Stranger appears in this episode 1st appearance Phantom Stranger #1 1952. You can really see the makings of JL Dark in the Swamp Thing show.

Isn’t Madame Xanadu the reoccurring tarot reader from Ep. 1?

God I hope they make a JLD series, but from the way Swamp Thing turned out… it seems like it might be a long-shot.

Oh yeah I guess thats who that is, they race swapped her, made her old and unrecognizable had no clue thanks.

Swamp Thing has been great, except for one thing…

Can some one tell Will Patton (playing Avery Sunderland) to reel back in the stereotypical southern thing… It’s more over-the-top than a Cyprus-heeled Gator in a Jimbalaya Turtle Soup Can, I do declarrrrr.

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With the amount of characters being introduced to DC movie continuity I wouldn’t be surprised if Xanadu makes it to the silver screen especially if they do a JLD. Right now ungraded NM copies can still be found from $20 to $30. A little bit more than three years ago but not by too much. Never a bad idea to pick up high grade, cheap,bronze age firs appearances.