Phase 4 leak you hear it first here at CHU

Dark Avengers, Young Avengers, New Avengers, Dr Strange Illuminati Wasp escape from the Microverse, Black Panther Secret Empire, Antman vs the Masters of Evil, Spiderman Dimensions, Spiderman Academy, F4, GOTG vol 3, Black Widow, Captain Marvel and the Valkyries, Warlock, Nova, Thunderbolts, Eternals.
Take with a grain of salt but the phase 4 slate reportedly leaked a couple days ago. Missing Shang Chi and Black Knight so pretty sure it’s a fake unless for some reason the foreign characters have their own phase like phase 1 MCU worldwide.

I think a lot of salt has to be taken for this list. I do like most of what is shown but not seeing Eternals and like you said Shang Chi in the mix puts up a red light for me. A Warlock movie would be pretty cool though.

I would totally welcome a Warlock standalone movie.

I am locked and loaded for many of the ones on there. The Avengers with an X behind it has me wondering.

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When I 1st saw this leak, the source I saw it on said that the leaker is known for good info. Apparently the leaker was first to leak about fat Thor in endgame, along with other early, spot on leaks for the MCU. Although I completely agree that this leak needs to be taken w/ a huge grain of salt. Its not a bad guideline, imo.

what would Spider-Man: Dimensions be about? You think a spiderverse type movie?

while its all speculation until we have an offical answer, Rumor has Warlock Showing up in GoTG 3 - Her is rumored to be one of the sub plot villians. in my opinion i give this a 1 in a million shot of being true. If they did, it would set up an infiniity war 2 with Thanos coming back.

Black Widow Movie is confirmed

Thor 4 is confirmed

Ant Man 3 is confirmed ( no title yet )

Thunderbolts is rumored to be in the works but no hard confirmation. Rumor has Red Hulk “Ross” making his apperance. While i would enjoy it i dont know how well i would trust these media outlets and facebook/Reddit Pages.

Spiderman Dimensions is the rumored sequal to Into the Spiderverse (animation) (working title)

Doctor Strange - He is signed to a multi movie contract so it makes sense. Same with Black Panther

Thats all i got for rumors. the others like wasp and Capt marvel Make no sense movie wise. Wasp stand alone would hinge on how well Black widow does ( both are supporting characters who would have a hard time as Main characters unless they were animated) Capt marvel and the valkyries dosnt make any sense to me, it isnt a traditional pair up and would be a hard sell to any movie line up as a “combo”
With all the “flops” of fantastic four i have a hard time believing marvel would put them in phase 4. Silver surfer i could see , but not FF.

Nova … its supposely on the boards but nothing is written yet. I dont think they know how to introduce him other than putting him in a GoTG movie. Or maybe in the Capt Marvel 2

I think the F4 and Doom will be released from the Microverse so this could be what happens in the Wasp movie and the Wasp movie may be about Janet the original Wasp Michelle Pfeiffer. I assume Thor 4, Warlock, Nova spin out of GOTG #3. Thor 4s villain will be Enchantress, Black Panther will deal with Atlantis but not Namor the villain will be Tiger Shark. This will make the Masters of Evil vs Antman work with the Masters of Evil as Ultron, Tiger Shark, a resurrected by Ultron Klaw, Tiger Shark, Enchantress and Helmut Zemo. The Thunderbolts will be the introduction of Deadpool and Mutants to the MCU. The Spiderman movies will deal with Miles and Gwen. They want to make Captain Marvel a lessie so enter Valkyrie. The one I get stuck on is Dr Strange Illuminati Tony is dead, Blackbolts show was cancelled after one season, we don’t have Professor X yet, we don’t have Reed Richards yet, and no Namor. So for Illuminati to happen Avengers X would have to introduce Pro X, Black Panther would have to introduce Namor, and Reed Richards would need to escape the microverse all before Dr Strange 2.

Deadpool Thunderbolts sounds fun.


Ive heard rumours that Spidey 3 (Dimensions) will some how try to bring Venom into the MCU via different ‘dimensions’. Again, huge grain of salt.

Apparently there was a Nova scene shot for Endgame, that was cut out. He was supposedly seen in the beginning when Thanos destroyed Xandar. But the scene was ultimately removed from the film.
I have also heard that the MCU will be dropping the ‘phases’ and focusing on smaller connected arcs, telling full stories in 3 to 8 connected films. And that they will, more or less, not be mixing cosmic stories and earth stories. Keeping these realms separate in the story telling will allow the film makers to have ‘reasons’ why strong heroes like Captain Marvel wont be around to help the Earth based heroes fight their battles. This allows weaker villains to be introduced and used in the Earth stories.

Got to say sometimes it’s not a coincidence

Two things teased on this list today.

Nova movie was reportedly confirmed today. Phase 4 will be revealed at the Disney con.

So are they bringing back Chris Evans as The Human Torch…

Maybe as a new character… Captain Torch! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder which Nova they will use. If I had to chose I would say Sam

I have Nova #1 and All New Marvel Now as well. I am covered on both.

If people arent buying Young Avengers #1, I dont know what to tell ya…


Young Avengers #1 is the next Miles.

And it came out Before miles.