Photo Grade - Mini Grail Obtained!

Hello Chu!

I recently obtained a mini grail of mine (Captain America Volume 5, Issue 6, Cover B).

Now all I’m missing from the 50 issue run are issues 16-19.

I’m highly considering sending this item into CBCS to get graded, but before I do I’m curious as to your opinions.

Do Svidanyia!

Winter BatmanFan


It looks gorgeous to me with no immediate concerns. I’m far from a professional grader, however,


The vertical “crease” along the spine should press out. That was common for that run. All my copies of issue 11 have them. That’s a white cover too.

Looked like there’s a transverse small crease too along the spine…and along the back lower spine seems like there may be a some blemishes. I can’t tell if any are color breaking but if they are not and press out you may be looking at a 9.6 with a shot at 9.8.

My copy is 9.8 and has a slight bit of color rub along that green strip lower back cover. Very slight, so wasn’t enough of a defect to drop it to 9.6.

Hold the book horizontally up to the light and look for any other blemishes not visible looking straight at it. The first copy I sent in came back 9.0 because of a slight circular indent (like a tin can was sat on it) that was not visible when looking straight on…but barely visible at the right angle of light.

One of my first submissions…taught me a lesson in holding it at nearly every conceivable angle with lighting to spot “hidden” defects.

But definitely want to press before sending in…but you probably knew that part.

Love that book/variant. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!


Let me check my boxes but I might have 16-19 for ya… that I’m willing to let go!

I love that run…I think I have the hard covers up to 20 or 25.

Here are a couple of higher res shots, I hope they help.

I did notice a slight tic that I have circled, but as far as the spine crease goes I think that is glare from the lamp that was next to me.

I definitely noticed that it needs to be pressed however I’ve never submitted anything before, this would be first time and I am nervous! That being said I’d like to get the best grade possible.

Please keep me posted and thank you for the gesture!

Okay, one more time yall! Im not an expert and I don’t know if this would be considered 2.0, 2.5, or maybe 3.0???

Any insight will help a lot! I have a friend who can lighten up the back cover. Not sure about the pages. I don’t think the cover will benefit from a press.



Nice pickup congrats!

2.5 - 3.0 if everything is attached. Def get it pressed if grading. As for lightening the back cover, if you’re referring to light treatment and peroxide it’s not recommended on such low grade books as they tend to be fragile. If you mean dry cleaning, then yes def.

I’m very big on Hulk 180, I have a 7.5 and 2 9.4s.


Thank you! Im not sure what my friend does for lightening, but I’ll ask.

Everything is attached for sure.

Stamp intact, nice! Congrats on the pickup! That one has always evaded me.

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I agree with DP. 2.5 to a 3.0. A press might not bring the grade up but you never know. A good, proper cleaning may help a bit. Either way, it is complete, has the stamp and still presents well. It’s not beat up, just well loved by previous owners!