Photon spec?

This is Monica Rambeau / Photon right? Gotta say, all the cover she’s featured on are awesome. This one’s got an old school feel to it.

Could it be a sign of things to come in the MCU? Avengers Unplugged #5 is relatively cheap, only 2 copies sold in the past week. I hesitate to say sleeper since people already know about this book, but it might be a good time to buy.

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I do like that cover. She’s sort of a tough character to pin down relative to what books folks will really want with regards to the character.

In my opinion, and I have all of the major keys relative to her, the book that trumps all others will always be the ASM Annual #16. Again, not against any of her keys/books. Certainly believe that the character will utilize the name Photon or Spectrum versus Captain Marvel.

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Yeah I agree that ASM Annual 16 is the most important book, but the market is weird. So many examples of people choosing the costumed / powered appearance vs. prior.

1st Eddie vs. Venom
1st Cletus vs. Carnage
1st Carol Danvers vs. Captain Marvel

If she ends up taking on the Photon mantle, I think people will want the book she becomes Photon in. Market can easily choose the first overall appearance too and I think what ASM Annual 16 has going for it is that she was Captain Marvel already in that issue.

We’ll see though. I can see Marvel making a big connection in the movies between Monica and her mom’s old call sign from her pilot days and if they keep Larson around as CM, then the next logical step would be to make her Photon.

All cheap copies of Avengers Unplugged 5 are long gone, sold listings are $40+ and cheapest buy it now on eBay right now is $80.

Now’s a good time to check your local back issue and dollar bins.

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Just saw a 9.8 on line for the bargain price of $1000+ Thought I’d let you all know as I am a bit competitive so will get a real sense of achievement by buying it before you do :upside_down_face:

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Another Rambeau book worth considering is Avengers 227, her 2nd appearance and she joins the Avengers.


I think Monica will be Spectrum, and not Photon (and I’m not wholly sure if there is any difference).
Once Monica got back into the Hex on ep.7, she seemed to be viewing Westview in an electromagnetic spectrum.
Also, when she was physically trying to walk through the Hexs barrier, you could clearly see four different Monica’s, or, the different spectrums of Monica. :man_shrugging::wink:

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This character has had more “superhero names” than anyone I can think of at the moment. Captain Marvel, Spectrum, Photon, Pulsar. Are there more? Does she also have a 1st as just Monica Rambeau?
The total number is maddening to some degree

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I believe Monica Rambeau made her 1st appearance in ASM Annual #16. And that is the book for Monica, as far as long term spec goes, imo.



I have ASM 16 and Mighty Avengers 1. Grabbed a couple copies of Avengers 227 and cmsoem random covers from Avengers. Missed the unplugged spec and new thunderbolts.

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