Phyla Vell? Any new info?

Have any of you heard any new rumors about Phyla Vel? I know this character & her 1st appearances in Captain Marvel #16 & #17 have been on the radar for some time, but they have really been vanishing & skyrocketing of late.
Drastic uptick lately.
Just thought maybe I’d missed something.

The only thing I recently read that might be helping push these in demand is:

Seems she might be making an appearance in Captain Marvel 2.

Captain Marvel #16 is still pretty cheap.

Issue #17 is hovering around the $25 to $40 for raw books. Might not be a bad time to grab’em while they’re still cheap in hopes she does make a movie appearance.

Maybe before Captain Marvel 2 she makes an appearance in the next GOTG movie… Hmm…

She’s suppose to be GOTG 3 but it sounds a little crowded and she probably gets pushed out because of Thor. If you got Thor then there’s Adam, then there’s Moondragon who would of been unsnapped, then there’s the need to get Nova going, then the high evolutionary and female Rocket, and finally Starhawk and the rest of the Ravagers. It would be hard to introduce so many new characters in one movie so I imagine multiple characters will be getting axed or were just unfounded rumors.