Picks of the week for 11/23/22


Dark Web variant of ASM #14 also has Hallows Eve on the cover just fyi forum-goers. She’s on 2 open order covers.

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“Fear of a Red Planet,” looks fun.

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Yo Bitterbaum, what’s shakin’? To piggyback off of your comment, I’ve noticed that there have been a lot of really cool new small publisher books coming out recently or coming out in the next few months. I don’t see any huge spec value in pretty much anything new at the moment, although people are probably going to go nuts over that Eminem-Spider-man variant; but if we’re just talking about creativity/fresh ideas, it seems they’re more prevalent than they’ve been in a while.

But I like the design and the Ed McGinnis covers better

I’d agree indie books have had tons of great ideas and stories lately.

Indy books have always been the fertile ground of ideas in comics.

Likewise. The Dark Web A cover is ugly, IMO.

I know Red Canary has already been on a variant cover, but with the 1:25 Dark Army #1 being her first full appearance with her on the cover too, I’m surprised I’m not seeing more people getting excited about it.

Because her first design cover and cameo will ultimately be the one to own for her.

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Anthony, have you noticed that the level of originality in indies seems to be larger recently?

Lol…soooo wrong

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You laugh, but it it is first appearance and first cover.

Two things Dark Army cannot claim to be.

So there’s that.


Barely an appearance

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“Barely”… I like that. I’m gonna start calling “cameo” appearance “barely an” appearance. :wink: