Picks of the Week for 8/17/22

Here are my picks of the Week for this week. Plus a bonus one to grab tomorrow.

Be on the lookout for Man Goat and Bunnyman Green Eggs and Clam #2 1:10 Paul Green Cosplay Variant. Not many stores order the endoscope books to begin with. Paul Green has a pretty good following. This book should set you back around $10 but is selling for $74


Not sure if @agentpoyo got around to reading One Bad Day: Riddler but man oh man did King deliver! King has been hit or miss with me but that book was amazing!

Not yet, has not arrived.

Bummer. Late shipments to the LCS kinda blow sometimes.

I order online, don’t make it to local shops that often anymore.

You’d think UPS would’ve alerted the authorities by now about your conditions in @Anthony’s basement.

Anthony installed a device, anytime I say “help” and any of it’s synonyms while the UPS/USPS/FedEx peeps are around (even if I mouth them), it tightens the neck chain where I can’t talk but gives enough slack to breath until he gets home from work or his many baseball traveling. Only he has the access code to loosen it again. :frowning:

Sounds complicated and a lil’ kinky. I just assumed he gave them really big tips every holiday season to look the other way.

Oh I’m sure he does that too. I think he takes a little bit from my new bucket funding…

Yes @BatmanFan, One Bad Day: Riddler was a great read. King did deliver on that one!