Pictures to go with Post headings?

It would be nice if you could attach an image to the title of any given post. The headline works fine as is, but having a pic is a bit flashier, so to speak.

I’ve never seen any forums that enable such things. Most of the time title fields are subject to limited characters in the database.

I could see pictures breaking the format website formats of listed topics as well. :frowning:

Do you mean for CHU proper or for the forum. I can admit I often leave off pictures by accident. I like pictures because Facebook pulls them for the posts and they look better on the main page of CHU as well. Maybe have graphics made up for each of the reoccurring articles

I’ve created the week later report to make it stand out. Been wanting to do a few for Marvelous Monday, Throwback Thursdays as well…

I was referring to the forum. I was curious if an image could be used in a posts heading. Poyo has informed me that it is not a viable option.

@jcLu I think one emoji is allowed though in topic subjects… :wink: