PKJ & Nic Klein relaunch Incredible Hulk

I’m excited as I really enjoy Action Comics and Nic Klein’s work on Thor!

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aka Immortal Hulk volume 2 :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would not mind that.

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"…and if you want the best, most timeless Hulk art you’ve ever seen, you DO NOT want to miss this return of Incredible Hulk "

I’m properly excited about an Incredible reboot. Klein is amazing.


My favorite hulk run was Bruce jones run where hulk was a fugitive. Loved that series. Hulk was hardly in the series but the entire run was riveting.


And don’t forget, the Jones’s run had some amazing covers too

Who will he be revealed to be, I wonder? Cosmic being Frank Castle was interesting.

Sweet, Ghost Rider has long been one of my favorite character and designs.

Look for Zombie Ghost Rider to debut this November in Hulk #6

Along with 100 store exclusives.

Actually I liked how they created Orson Randall in immortal iron Fist as Danny Rand’s predecessor.

Maybe this won’t be half bad.