Poll: Best Comic show on tv

Would like to get everyone’s current thoughts on their top 3 favorite comic shows, can be any show comic related even if the comic came out after the show.

Currently for me
#1 The Boys
#2 Doom Patrol
#3 The Flash, would almost put Umbrella Academy here they would fall to #4 for me.

The Boys.

I did like Warrior Nun and enjoyed Umbrella Academy as well

The Boys easily for me. But I’m not a DC fan unless I can make money lol.

Umbrella Academy. The Boys. Doom Patrol. I’m liking the Harley Quinn cartoon too- hopefully we’ll get a season 3 of that show


The original Batman show from the 60’s!

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The Walking Dead
Stranger Things
The Boys

1: The Boys
2: Doom Patrol
3: Old Guard

I haven’t watched a chunk of them. That said, “Black Lightning,” is my favorite of what I have seen.

Comic Tom or Jim Comics

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Lmao :joy:

  1. Doom Patrol
  2. The Boys
  3. Umbrella Academy

I just started watching Doom Patrol and it’s hands down the best I’ve seen in some time. Since the first season of Daredevil.

Edit. I finished the first season and it’s hands down the best comic series ever. So many great moments including Flex Mentallo accidentally giving the entire town an orgasm.

I second this list, but the order is reversed. UA, the boys and then Doom patrol

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For me it’s:

  1. The Boys
  2. Doom Patrol
  3. Walking Dead

I enjoy the R-rated nature of The Boys, while Doom Patrol seems to capture the characters better. Walking Dead is just a cultural phenomenon and what I consider to be one of the best stories ever.

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I’d have to go with below with what I’ve seen recently:

  1. The Boys
  2. The Walking Dead
  3. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Have to agree with The Boys. Harley Quinn animated was a good one as well.

I don’t know if Agents of Sheild is technically a comic show, and it’s now off the air, but I was a fan of that…

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Lol. I make my family watch Comics Tom sometimes at dinner. They actually get into it a bit.

My kids wonder why he flaps his arms around too much. They say he looks like this with glasses…


I watched a video of his from 2018 yesterday. I knew of his channel early on and have seen him progressively amp up the “persona” in real time, but it was still kind of a shocking reminder to see the more down-to-earth Tom again. A lot has changed in 24 months.

I’d rather get a root canal without any anesthesia or numbing than watch Comic Tom.

  1. The Boys
  2. The Walking Dead
  3. Umbrella Academy