Pop up blocker activated for readcomicsonline

A few days ago I went there to read a Wolverine comic and the screen kept jamming with sex comic pop ups until I logged in.

Once I logged in I immediately started getting advertisements popping onto the screen from the bottom right side of the monitor for enhancement drugs and other such stuff that would block operational buttons and if closed would immediately pop back up.

Apparently the site is infested with evil add-on stuff.

I finally found a button in settings> Privacy and security (then scroll down to the bottom part of the list) yesterday I could switch to turn off the pop ups.

I don’t advise anyone to seek out these free comic websites that claim they’re protected under the fair use act of copy right law. It’s not fair use, it’s stealing from the creators and anyone who visits these sites deserves to get their computers infected with viruses, malware and whatever else they’re throwing on the sites to make themselves money for stealing other people’s hard work.

Sorry, I’m against most if not all piracy. I pay for my books, music and movies.

Also, install and use Linux to rid yourselves of getting viruses. :wink:

I wasn’t aware of that. I assumed since Marvel and most companies give out the digital codes for free with their books this was some licensed use of publisher supplied material. I want the real thing myself for most experiences.

No, these sites are straight up stealing these books to provide for free to drive traffic to their site so they can throw up as many ads as possible to make money.

If you notice, most of these are outside of the U.S. (I think one primary one is in Russia and the other in the Philliphines) and they’ll claim Fair Use but Fair Use is for educational purposes and usually don’t detail in posting the entire book to read.

The free digital codes are for those who purchased the book to redeem to read on their own digital devices, not to share with the world.

Marvel makes you use their Marvel App and website to read your digital redemptions. I believe DC does theirs through Comixology (I’m not sure, I never redeem DC books codes).