Possible Moon Knight movie characters

I don’t know much about Moon Knight and would like to know what characters(heroes,villians,supporting) would fans want or expect to see in a film. What do you reccomend spec wise as far as characters and possibly good story arcs to get into the Moon Knight state of mind.

Hi Salty! So, in my opinion, the only two appropriate choices for Moon Knight villains should either be Bushman (1sp app in Moon Knight #1 1980) or Black Spectre (1st app in Moon Knight #25 1982).

Personally, I would love to see Black Spectre. I also love that issue and its cover. Not an easy book to find in nice condition with the all black cover.

There are a few other minor type of bad guys/associates and such but nothing really screams “Moon Knight” like the two above.

If you are looking for a cool story line with cool art check out the Stephen Platt run from the 90’s. Issues 55-60. Some may say it is too cheezy and screams 90’s but it was fun (and I love his art). Caveat is they are kind of costly because of the Platt art.

The entire 80’s run was a good read and had some really great art/covers by Bill Sienkiewicz. It’s not that hard of a run to put together either. Just a couple issues that tend to get a bit pricey.

There is a cool One shot called Moon Knight: Silent Knight from sort of recent. It was a cool book and had a nice cover. I don’t think it is too costly and I liked it.

Hope that helps!!!


Devil thanks so much for your post. Its exactly what i was hoping for. Its funny but i did pick up the first Black Spectre a few years back because of buzz about it on CHU. I never read it though cause I was trying to keep it minty fresh.

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The Hulk backups and Marvel Preview issue, which were all written by Doug Moench, provided Moon Knight with a partial origin story and introduced one of his most notable recurring villains: Randall Spector, who would later become Shadow Knight.

I would also think almost any of the West Coast villains featured in Spider Woman and West Coast Avengers would be good choices. I would love to see the Brothers Grimm used somewhere and there’s a group including that ball guy from Hawkeye’s first mini series that would make great visuals.

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I used to read the West Coast Avengers back in the day and I really feel like “Master Pandemonium” is a spec worthy villian for the next crop of Marvel movies. He got his powers from Mephisto and he was a cool and powerful villian.

Sun King 1st appearance Moon Knight #188

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