Potential option for Dark Red #1

Tim Seely has dropped a sly hint on Twitter that Dark Red #1 might get optioned.

Everything seems to get optioned these days, but this book is a good flipping candidate because:

• It’s an Aftershock book, so low print run
• It has sexy lady vampire which always sells
• The several variants that were made for it have sexy lady vampire on the cover

If you find them for cover, flip them.

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Mycomicshop had cover A #1 in NM for cover price and the 1:10 variant in high grade for under $10. Picked up a both. Don’t mind picking up indies that are heating up if they are still at or close to cover.

News could be anything though… maybe he has a new story arc coming out? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very true. Don’t buy high on this one. Cheap or nothing at least until more concrete news is given.

I guess these days, even any whiff of an Option Deal, either real or imagined, starts the engine cranking …