PowerPack In development!

Coming to the MCU no word if a film or Disney + series yet. Time to gobble em up from the bay. Also Fantastic Four annual 6 1st Franklin has come to fruition! Could be the first Fantastic Four character we get in the MCU. Might also be a good time to get all the different Valeria Richards/Von Doom different 1st appearances too.

Nothing really concrete but it’s safe to say Marvel has been toying with Power Pack for a while now. Personally, I think an official announcement is coming soon. Been buying a Power Pack #1 here and there for a few years. Don’t have tons but I think I have ten or eleven. May buy another one or two if the price is still good. Still have seven FF annual #6. If they do introduce Franklin that book is going to go insane again!

Yeah, Powerpack is still pretty cheap currently. That can all change if development does move forward.

Fantastic Four Annual #6 is still in the affordable range as well. Definitely one to watch, some collectors are weary on birth and babies as first appearances. Even though they are still firsts, they don’t seem to carry the same demand as later issues.

Oh and while you can still find FF Annual #6 for somewhat affordable range, upper grades still fetch decent money since it’s also the first Annihilus.

Yeah, I think most collectors have accepted FF annual #6 as Franklin’s first. When I first started buying #6 I was a little “meh” on it when I first realized he was still a baby in the issue, but it kept getting more and more popular, so I just let the market decide and bought whatever I could find cheap… Having Annihilus in there with his first helps a lot! New collectors can sort of think of it as a two for one! That being said, I haven’t checked prices the past few weeks but I think lower-mid grades are definitely in most collectors range. The window for cheap copies closed a while ago, but like you said, still affordable now. Add in a ton of potential and it becomes a no brainer!

LMAO !!!

Oh no!..anyways

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Not unexpected given that they have taken back the film rights to some of their major properties after the fox acquisition. I am thankful that we have seen some of the more obscure teams like Guardians of the Galaxy when Marvel was forced to dig deep into their treasuries previously, but now looking forward to see the X-men and Silver Surfer done right finally!